An Advice For Finding A Capable DUI Lawyer In Houston TX

Knowing What To Look For In A DUI Lawyer In Houston

DUI charges should never be taken likely. Hence the reason for finding the best available DUI lawyer. Keep in mind that a conviction can and will negatively influence your life. So, give yourself the best odds of beating the conviction by hiring an experienced and reputable DUI attorney. And the quicker you do it, the better.

But this does not mean you should hire the first attorney you find in the yellow pages. In fact, you should put in the effort to find the perfect legal representation if you really take this situation seriously. Hence the reason for paying attention to certain characteristics. Because if you cannot beat the conviction, you at least want a lighter sentence if convicted. Some elements of a good DUI lawyer include:

Enough Experience With DUI Cases

You are at liberty to hire any type of lawyer to represent you. Unfortunately, not all lawyers are familiar or experienced with DUI cases. So, you should focus on finding an attorney that specializes in these types of cases. Thanks to their experience and knowledge, your chances of walking away without any charges cannot get better.

An Impressive Reputation

Finding an experienced DUI attorney is the first step, but you have to narrow it down. For example, what does his or her reputation in court look like? Do they usually win or typically lose? This is very important information you should always research first.

A Good Ethical Record

Your research for the best DUI attorney needs to go another critical step. Because even the best lawyer can hurt your case if they have histories of malpractice or being sanctioned by the State Bar. The fact is judges do not like attorneys with bad histories. And considering that your future is in jeopardy, make sure you get a DUI attorney with a good ethical record.

How do you find this type of information? Through the website of your State Bar, where disciplinary records are made available to the public. Here you can see for yourself whether your particular attorney checks out in terms of keeping his or her record clean.

Good Communication Skills

One characteristic all attorneys should have is the ability to communicate clearly and constructively. Not only does it make things easier when you consult about the case, but it is critical that an attorney conveys his or her evidence clearly to the judge. Being able to debate with the best of them is literally half the battle.

Your DUI Attorney Should Be Confident

During this time, you are not in the best place emotionally. And you need your attorney to motivate you with their natural confidence. Because how can you expect to win if your attorney seems like he or she wants to run away? Although, you should also avoid the ones with too much confidence.


At the end of the day, affordability can be a dictating factor. Yes, getting legal help from powerful attorneys can cost a small fortune. But it is usually worth it if you have the money available. However, if you do not have the funds for a powerful firm, look deeper for DUI attorneys with lower rates. These professionals do exist and they are not necessarily less competent or able. The point is to find an attorney you can comfortably afford.

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DWI Charge In Houston: Why You Should Avoid It?

3 Significant Ways That Having Houston DWI Can Impact Your Everyday Life

There is no doubt that you likely regret that dangerous decision you made to drive while intoxicated. Now you find yourself with charges that may mean you lose your license or even have to spend time in jail, however, they are not your only concerns. Having a DWI can have long-lasting consequences that certainly outlive your court date.

Getting a DWI means that you face administrative penalties but you also face social penalties. Even when your court date has long come and gone there are ways that a DWI can affect your everyday life. Here are three to consider.

1. Searching For & Getting A Job Can Be More Challenging

A lot of employers will hesitate to hire someone who has a ‘black mark’ so to speak on their background check. When a potential employee shows up as having a DWI this can give the impression that they lack responsibility. If driving is part of the job the company could certainly view their actions as irresponsible if they hire someone who had driven while under the influence.

If you are already in a job, being arrested and perhaps convicted may affect your work. You may need to take time off for your court date and losing your vehicle may make your commute more challenging. Your job may even be at risk if you are convicted.

2. Your Relationships Can Take The Brunt

Having a DWI can affect your social life for the worse. Friends and family may develop a negative view of you due to your poor decision, and people you work with, as well as your employer, could view you in a very different light. Many people are unaware that a DWI can easily become public knowledge as it is allowable for it to be published in the media.

3. You Will Pay A Lot More For Vehicle Insurance

You are more than likely going to face a significant rise in your insurance rates if you have a DWI. As well as this, you are considered a high-risk driver which may make getting insurance close to possible. If you do get an offer of insurance expect it to be at last double if not triple your previous policy amount.

These are just a sample of the ways that having a DWI can impact your life. The best way to move forward is to avoid getting a conviction. An attorney can help you to fight the charges against you so that the impact on your life is as mild as possible.

For Help Hire Atty. Jim Butler

Jim Butler has 24 years of experience as a licensed attorney. He has assisted clients in avoiding jail time in instances where they faced job loss where both they and their families would have faced financial and mental damage. Jim’s current cases are 100% DWI. He uses all of his time for these cases. Jim in no way endorses drunk driving, however, he feels that a lot of innocent individuals are ‘needlessly arrested’, this being one of the main reasons that he has taken on the role of DUI lawyer.

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What To Do Right Away After A Houston DUI Charge Pt 2

6 Helpful Steps To Take When You’ve Been Charged With A DUI In Houston

Part 2

4. Find A Transportation Solution

Since your license is likely to be suspended, you won’t be able to drive yourself around ahead of your court date. This means you’ll have to find another solution. In certain cases, courts will offer you a hardship license. With this license, you’ll legally be able to drive yourself to school or work. If this is not something you’re eligible for, you’ll have to find another solution.

DUI Charges Dropped in Houston5. Get Ready For Your Court Date

What you will have to do before your court date will vary based on how you intend to plead. If you intend to plead guilty, you’ll want to dress appropriately for your court need. You’ll also want to provide any paperwork that you are asked to bring. If you intend to plead not guilty, there is a lot more that needs to be done. You’ll have to prepare for the trial with the assistance of your lawyer. You may need to document your statement as to what happened on the day you were charged. You could also seek witness statements from people that accompanied you that night.

6. Learn More About SR-22 Auto Insurance

Your license may be suspended right now, but it’s still smart to find out more about SR-22 insurance. Obtain a form and reach out to your insurance company so that you can see how your rates are likely to change. You should know that your insurance rates will probably significantly increase.

After your court appearance, there are a number of additional steps that will need to be completed. You should complete everything you are asked to do at the hearing. Attend classes, comply with probationary periods, and follow all additional requirements. Does this seem overwhelming to you? If so, you may want to work with a DUI lawyer that can guide you through the process.

Work With Attorney Jim Butler

If you’re facing a DUI charge, you may be feeling overwhelmed. You might have concerns about what lies ahead. When you work with us, we can make this process easier for you.

Jim Butler has been working as a lawyer for more than two decades. He works to help clients avoid jail time, allowing them to keep their jobs and stay financially afloat. At this current time, Jim exclusively handles DWI (driving while intoxicated) cases. Although Jim does not support driving under the influence, he believes that people are often arrested for DUIs even when they are innocent. This is one of the reasons he chose to practice this area of the law.

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What To Do Right Away After A Houston DUI Charge Pt 1

6 Helpful Steps To Take When You’ve Been Charged With A DUI In Houston

Part 1

Your life can be significantly impacted by a DUI arrest and charge. Your license may be suspended, and it could even be revoked entirely. You might be responsible for fines, court costs, and additional penalties. You may be sentenced to jail time. You could lose your current job or become less employable. These consequences are serious, which is why you shouldn’t underestimate the damage a DUI charge can cause. If you’ve been charged with a DUI, you’ll want to take these six steps.

1. Seek Out A Ride Home

In certain counties, you can immediately be released from jail following your DUI charge. However, you will need to call someone to cover your bail and pick you up. In other areas, you’ll be required to spend the night in jail until you have time to sober up. No matter what the case is for you, you’ll want to make sure you seek out someone that can begin your home. It’s likely that your license is going to be suspended. If you try to drive yourself home, you could wind up facing an additional charge.

2. Make Your Court Date A Top Priority

When you’re released from jail, you’ll receive a notice that informs you of your DUI court date. It’s crucial that you remember this date. In fact, as soon as you arrive home, you should mark the date and time on your calendar. Take the day off from work if necessary. If you have appointments on the same day, you’ll want to reschedule or cancel them.

3. Decide If You Should Hire A Lawyer

You may have heard that it’s always necessary to work with a lawyer when you’re facing DUI charges. However, that isn’t always true. In many cases, your BAC (blood-alcohol content) alone is enough for a conviction. DUI laws are stricter than ever. This means that it can be very difficult to avoid a conviction once you’ve been charged.

With that said, there are some situations where working with a lawyer could benefit you. As an example, if you are pleading not guilty, you’ll want to have the representation of a lawyer. Did you fail a field sobriety test even though you weren’t drinking? Do you suspect that the breathalyzer test you took was faulty? If you’re in a position like this, you’ll want to work with a lawyer that can establish that you are innocent.

Beyond that, a lawyer can provide you with support and guidance throughout your trial. An attorney can help you even if you do plan on being guilty. Working with a lawyer can help you to get your license back as swiftly as possible, allowing you to resume your normal life.

Look at the unique circumstances of your case and decide whether hiring a DUI lawyer would benefit you. If you think it’s the right course of action, you’ll want to reach out to an attorney sooner rather than later.

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How To Prevent Having A Houston DUI Charge

Effective Strategies For Reducing Or Stopping Drunk Driving In Houston

The techniques that follow are designed to reduce or even eliminate incidents of drunk driving. While different methods may call for different types of local resources, they are likely to have at least some degree of impact in the community. Read further to find ideas that might just fit the needs of your specific jurisdiction.

DUI Laws

Laws in this category forbid the operation of a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol reading at or over a defined level. Those under 21 tend to be covered by so-called zero-tolerance laws that make it illegal to drive with any alcohol content in the bloodstream. This type of restriction, together with laws setting 21 as the legal drinking age, have been implemented in every U.S. state as well as in Texas.

Traffic Checkpoints

Sobriety checkpoints that have been publicized in advance let law enforcement officers make traffic stops at defined, visible spots in order to assess drivers for possible impairment. Police could decide to stop every driver or just some who pass through the area. These need to be advertised ahead of time and run on a regular basis in order to make a substantial impact.

Saturation Patrol Strategies

These types of patrols are made of a sizable number of officers who surveil a given area, typically when and where drunk driving is known to happen with greater frequency. As is the case with sobriety checkpoints, these kinds of patrols ought to receive a high degree of publicity and be performed on a regular basis.

Interlock Ignition Devices

Having ignition interlocks installed on the vehicles of all DUI offenders is a great way to measure an individual’s blood alcohol content every time they attempt to drive. These devices prevent their cars from starting if they have had too much to drink. Interlocks work well in stopping repeat offenders from getting into further trouble. Using these together with required addiction treatment programs can be an effective way to change an individual’s habitual behavior and get promising outcomes.

Alcohol Treatment & Addiction Treatment

Programs of this nature are often utilized for those charged and convicted of driving while impaired. Treatment seems to work best when blended with other kinds of penalties and when offenders receive careful monitoring. Specialized DUI courts area ideal for implementing these types of requirements and effecting real change in the lives of DUI offenders.

Multi-Faceted Plans

These are scenarios in which a series of programs or initiatives are blended to address the problem of impaired operation of vehicles. Community buy-in and involvement will be key to their success, and this could include the addition of task forces or committees that can provide critical input and assistance.

Early Education Programs

Another great way to reduce the problem of impaired driving in any community is to begin education on the issue early by implementing school-based awareness programs.

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How To Get A DWI Dismissal In Texas

An Idea On How A Texas DWI Can Be Dismissed

Texas is known throughout the country as having some of the strictest laws in the country. It is possible to be charged with a DWI if you have a blood alcohol concentration of above.08% in the state of Texas. When you are tested with an amount over the legal limit, it is almost inevitable to be charged with a DWI. However, it is still possible to have a DWI charge reduced or dismissed. Even if the prosecution has substantial evidence mounted against you, there are always options.

There several ways in which a defense attorney can have a DWI charge reduced or dismissed. In fact, these are ways in which the average individual would never consider. An example of this would be if the breathalyzer had not been properly maintained to a specific schedule, that piece of evidence could not be used against you. Similarly, if your rights were violated or infringed upon during the arrest process, the case might be dismissed.

These are just a couple of examples in which a defense attorney may help you during a DWI charge. There are times in which it may be possible to get a charge completely dismissed. Remember that it is the prosecution’s responsibility to prove the burden of proof. This simply means if they are unable to prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt or your arrest was handled incorrectly, you cannot be convicted. This is one of the main reasons why you need to work with an experienced Atty. Jim Butler has the ability to help reduce the charges and penalties you might face.

What Happens When A DWI Case Is Dismissed

The best possible outcome is for your DWI case to be dismissed. While this may not always be a possibility, there are other penalties that can be reduced. The penalties for a DWI in Texas can be quite severe. These penalties can include loss of license, jail time, community service, DWI education, as well as higher insurance costs.

How To Get A DWI Dismissed

If you are looking at the best course of action of a DWI dismissal, you must work with an experienced attorney who is going to fight for your rights. If you would like to see just how Jim Butler will fight for you, contact our office today and begin the first step in fighting your DWI. Do not try and fight this struggle alone as the penalties and consequences are quite high. The best possible course of action is hiring the best attorney possible.

Give Atty. Jim a call or contact him today and let him give you a free consultation so that you can get the help that you need.

How To Conduct Yourself Before A Houston DUI Court Judge

Helpful Tips To Interacting With Your Judge In Houston

Facing DUI charges is always a frightening experience, and the day will come when you will head to court to deal with the situation. Bear in mind that the way you conduct yourself during that time will prove critical to the outcome of your case. Given that the stakes are quite high under such circumstances, it pays to know exactly what should be said to the judge — and what should not. No matter if you are seeking an acquittal or are hoping to achieve a plea agreement, a judge will listen to your side of the story and use that information to decide what to do. Though a skilled DUI lawyer is a tremendous ally to have at this time, making sure you are prepared in advance can help you fight for a more desirable outcome.

When the time comes for your sentence to be issued, you will be asked if there is anything you wish to say on your own behalf. While some may opt to remain silent at this time, taking the opportunity to say something strategic may be a smart move.

1. Express Regret

Every judge wants to know that you have true remorse for the actions that brought you to their court. Attempting to excuse or minimize the behavior is always a bad idea, and it could make your situation worse. Be careful to convey that you are not regretful about being caught, but rather for the unlawful conduct itself. Tell the judge you want to take responsibility for what occurred.

2. Provide Some Background Details

A skilled DUI lawyer will be able to convey certain key information to the judge about you and your case during the formal proceedings. But, when you have a chance to speak, take the opportunity to add some details about your situation. If you have struggled with a substance use problem in the past, be upfront about it, and express a willingness to work on it.

3. Shed Light On Positive Aspects Of The Scenario

Though you may be hard-pressed to find any positive elements to what is happening, think carefully, and you just might. Let the judge know that the ordeal has been a learning experience for you and that you have no intention of repeating the problematic conduct.

4. Handle Anticipated Sentencing Requirements Prior to Court

If it is expected that your judge will impose alcohol or drug treatment courses in your sentence, take the initiative and register and complete them on your own accord in advance. Make sure you let the judge know that you have done this when you appear in court. This ensures that you give a positive impression of someone who is willing to make changes, and it may even lessen the penalties you receive.

5. Vow To Change

Pledging to the judge that you will not repeat the conduct in question will convey the appropriate sense of remorse. If you are sincere in your presentation, and you are not a repeat offender, the judge might consider lowering your sentence. But, remember that this is a promise that you need to keep. Everything you say will be put into the record, and if you find yourself before that judge again for a similar offense, you will have no remaining credibility.

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A Guide To Researching Houston DUI Records & How They Can Affect You

What Is In Drunk Driving Records In Houston

The information on record in a DUI charge could potentially hurt the convicted person’s reputation. DWI and DUI charges are leveled against people who drive while intoxicated. Their alcohol or intoxication levels are above the national legal limit of .08, which amounts to a criminal offense.

DUI rules apply even when the driver is intoxicated as the vehicle is parked. Furthermore, have an open alcoholic beverage in the car is illegal. Officers can conduct sobriety tests using a breathalyzer or asking the driver to walk in a straight line to determine if they are intoxicated. Failure to take the sobriety test will force the police to detain the driver, who must undergo a urine or blood test after being processed.

DUI Helpful Ideas in HoustonDrunk Driving Records Are Criminal Records

DUI or DWI charges are filed as criminal records in the public domain for anyone to access. Once a person is arrested for drunk driving, the arresting officer takes their license and then fills out the license revocation or suspension. The DMV often revokes or suspends the licenses of drivers with a drunk driving offense. You can run a criminal record search to find an individual’s DUI or DWI information since it is listed as a criminal offense.

How To Lookup Drunk Driving Records

Drunk Driving Records (DUI/DWI) records are open to the public after the court’s ruling. A name search online is one of the quickest ways of looking up drunk driving records. The information you find can reveal a lot regarding someone. DWI or DUI records could include documents like arrests, transcripts, accident incidents, police reports, court proceedings, and transcripts taken during hearings.

In the information given, you will first the person’s first and last name and where they reside. Such details can be found via the public record repositories or the DMV. Once you find the DUI or DWI records you want, it would be best to verify that you found the right person, and the details are correct, checking on their age and confirming their address. It is not uncommon for people to share the same names; therefore, expect to find multiple results in your search. The age and address will help distinguish one person from the rest with similar names.

How Can Your Drunk Driving Records Affect You?

When a police officer determines you have committed a criminal offense by driving while intoxicated, the consequence of your conduct includes losing your driver’s license. Furthermore, your DUI or DWI record will be available to the public. That means potential employers will find this information when doing background checks on you. Your insurance rate will also go higher, or your provider can cancel your policy. In some instances, courts can rule unfavorably in a child custody case if you are a drunk driving repeat offender. Rental applications can also be denied if the landlord or real estate agencies find you have DUI/DWI convictions.

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How DWI Can Ruin Your Credit Score In Houston

The Bad Effects Of Houston DWI To Your Credit Score

When it comes to DWI’s many people face jail time, a significant amount of money in fines, and for some even losing their job.

Other negative impacts include bail, car impound costs, an increase in auto insurance premiums, and fees attached to alcohol-education classes. You may even have to face having to complete community service tasks or using a type of ignition interlock tool or device.

DUI Lawyer Role in HoustonThere are no laws in place that state that a DUI, will appear on a driver’s credit report when they are convicted.

Yet when taking these costs into account for the standard DUI/DWI ($10,000 to $17,000), and when you have used your credit cards to pay these costs off, it becomes easy to land up in a situation whereby you are facing credit issues. This can increase significantly if you had shaky finances, to begin with.

Here is a list of financial charges that relate to DWI convictions that can impact on your current credit score:

1. Your Credit Utilization Will Skyrocket

One of the things that are used to determine a person’s credit score is based on how much credit they have used. Once you have crossed over 30%, this sends negative signals to the main credit bureaus.

To work yours out, add all available balances on your credit cards, followed by dividing this figure by your amount outstanding on all the credit accounts that you own.

2. Collections Actions

When you do not or are unable to pay the fines you have been issued, they will be sent to debt collection agencies. Even one collection action that appears on your report can dramatically damage your score.

Certain banks are selective when it comes to credit scores, even when the collection action was minor (e.g. $50 – $100), they may not grant you an important transaction such as a mortgage.

So it is very possible that the impact of ruining your score could lead to losing out on important life steps such as buying a home that you have always dreamed about.

The Consequences Of A Bad Credit Score In Houston

Some reach slightly farther when compared to others, but there are many that you could end up facing:

  • If you get divorced, your credit score might be used “as leverage” when your ex and you split your assets
  • You might not be able to rent a home or an apartment
  • Legally, employers can decide to turn you down for a job
  • Property insurers can raise your rates
  • You may be forced into putting down a deposit to obtain utilities
  • If you carry a “professional” license, the government might revoke, suspend, or deny it
  • You may be refused a mortgage or forced into paying higher interest rates
  • If you would like to use a home-equity loan for capital to fund your business venture, or you would like to invest in a franchise, the bank may refuse your application

Contact or call us today when you need a criminal defense attorney to give you legal counsel and represent you for your DWI.

DUI Case In Houston: Can It Affect My Employment?

Following Cases That My Employer Will Find Out My Houston DUI Case

Know if you must inform your employer and hire a DUI lawyer.

You can feel happy, even though you have a DUI charge. Why? DUI charge does not affect your employment. Employers do not find out about their employees’ arrests in 99% of cases. However, there are some exceptions to the rule, so you must know about these rules and keep your private life to yourself when you have a DUI charge.

Tips For Avoiding A DUI In HoustonYour employer will find out you have a DUI charge in the following cases:

  1. If you must report DUI cases to your employer due to contractual duty. This means if you get ticketed with a DUI, a part of your employment contract legally requires you to notify your employer. To know if this is the case, ask your human resources department or go through your employment paperwork.
  2. If you work for a major company as a truck driver. Large trucking companies usually have a “pull” list with the DMV. The law requires the DMV to notify employers of their employees’ arrest, so they can notify your employer if you get arrested due to DUI. To know if your employer has a “pull” list with the DMV, check with the local DMV where you received the DUI.

It is highly unlikely for your employer to find out about your DUI if you do not fall into one of the categories mentioned above. Here are some tips that will help you keep your private life private at your place of work:

  • Avoid telling your colleagues what happened. Keep your DUI story to yourself, even if you are used to sharing your personal life with your colleagues. Tell your co-workers about the cute things your dog did over the weekend. However, telling them about your DUI can cost you your job, so it is much better to keep quiet.
  • Be vague, but stay professional if you missed work. Ask your boss for a few hours off of work if you have an appointment relating to your DUI or if you have a court date due to your DUI. “I have an appointment” is one of the professional excuses you can use. Use professional excuses and do not talk more about it.

Keep your personal life private and follow the tips mentioned above when you are at your place of work. You must also know that hiring a DUI lawyer is the right thing to do. If this is not your first DUI, talk to a DUI lawyer. Experienced DUI lawyers can help you. How? They are familiar with the court system. They know how to navigate complex administration procedures. And they know plea bargain details.

You can be sure your employer is highly unlikely to know about your DUI. However, telling your co-workers about your DUI can lead to job-related penalties or it can cost you your job, so ensure you keep your private life private while at the office.

Contact or call Atty. Jim Butler for a consultation. He will answer any legal questions you may have. Visit our blog for more related articles.