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DUI Attorney Houston: Public Intoxication

Houston DUI Attorney: Driving Under Influence Facts

Just to show how serious of a problem drunk during has become; the state of Texas is sadly among the top ten when it comes to states with the largest number of fatalities related to drunk driving. This leaves thousands of victims dead, while numerous others suffer from devastating injuries. لعبة روليت اون لاين Although some drivers only commit one time DUI offenses, some are repeat offenders involved in numerous cases. It’s estimated that fifty to seventy percent of drivers would continue driving even after their license was suspended before the use of interlock devices became the established penalty in all the states. لعبة القمار بوكر Houston DUI Attorneys at the Butler Law Firm, believe that there is no acceptable excuse when it comes to drunk driving. We are here to help you seek the justice you deserve if you or someone close to you has been injured or worse, murdered as a result of an accident caused by drunk driving. العاب فلوس حقيقية

Drunk Driving Statistics Sheet

  1. In 2015, fatalities associated with cases of drunk driving in Texas were about 1,440
  2. Drivers arrested for DUI offenses in Texas numbered 99,000 in the year 2015
  3. In 2015, more than 71,000 drivers in Texas on DUI charges were sentenced
  4. About 41 percent of traffic-related deaths in Texas in 2015 were as a result of drunk driving
  5. In 2015, over 15,600 Texas residents suffered injuries associated with alcohol-related accidents
  6. More than six billion Texan tax dollars go towards footing the bill for DUI accidents each year
  7. A higher percentage of drunk drivers die in motor vehicle accidents than their non-DUI counterparts
  8. In fact, those driving under the influence are eleven times more likely to lose their lives in DUI related accidents
  9. In 2011, about six hundred and sixty drivers under the age of 18 were arrested for DUI related offenses in the state of Texas
  10. In the US, someone dies at the hands of a drunk driver, every forty minutes
  11. It is estimated that 3 in 10 people are involved in DUI related accidents
  12. 21 to 24-year-old drivers are responsible for about 35 percent of deadly DUI related accidents
  13. Before they are caught, regular people will drive drunk for more than 80 occasions
  14. About 18 percent of all deadly motor vehicle accidents are attributed to drug use and banned substances
  15. Surprisingly, fifty to seventy percent of drivers who have suspended licenses keep on driving

Even with the above figures in mind, it’s worth noting that drunk driving isn’t a problem that simply revolves around statistics. It is a human disaster that is deeply rooted; one that comes with an emotionally taxing effect on families.

What To Do If You Are Involved In A DUI

When a drunken person decides to drive a motor vehicle, they recklessly and negligently put the lives of many others at risk. If you have been involved in a DUI related accident and suffered injuries as a result, you should know that you have legally enforceable rights. You can sue for compensation in the form of damages for all the suffering you have undergone with the help of a Houston DUI Attorney from The Butler Law Firm. You can file a personal injury claim in pursuit of compensation relating to:

• Lost wages
• Reduced earning potential
• All related medical bills; past and ongoing
• Physical and mental pain
• Burial costs in cases involving fatalities
• For cases involving penalties, punitive damages

Do You Need A Houston DUI Attorney?

For over twenty years, we at The Butler Law Firm have been representing the interests of victims of DUI related accidents in the Houston, Texas area. If you have been slapped with a Drunk While Driving charge in the Houston area, and think that there are many things you would have changed after reading this, some hope still remains for you. Now that you have an idea of what you haven’t done at this point; and are familiar with our recommendations with regard to your wellbeing, we don’t want to gamble with the possible outcome of your claim anymore that you have; more so, regarding the legal claim process. We specifically handle these types of situations, helping our clients out of such cases on a daily basis. To ascertain this, check out some past cases.

Our main focus, regardless of how the claim process turns out, is assisting you to make positive steps into the future. Contact a Houston DUI Attorney by calling us at (713) 236-8744. Visit the blog for more.

Why You Need An Experienced DUI Attorney In Houston For Representation

Reasons You Need a Houston DUI Lawyer to Win Your Court Case

If you have been arrested and charged with DUI, you might wonder if you need a DUI lawyer. The truth is that it’s always best to hire an experienced lawyer instead of handling it yourself because a good lawyer would be aware of the laws and the loopholes that you can use for your defense. 22bet Before hiring a lawyer, make sure he has enough experience in handling DUI cases. Here are the five top reasons that you should hire a DUI lawyer.

Complex Laws

DUI laws are pretty complex, and it’s important to understand them if you want to defend yourself. Learning all these laws would require a lot of time for research and study. You must also be able to recognize which of them apply to your case. Since this can get very complicated, it’s best to leave it to experts.

Courtroom Experience

Court processes can be quite stressful. Typically, people want to avoid going to the court at all costs. If you get a lawyer to represent you, you can have a helpful hand to guide you and to take care of matters. While it’s important to hire a DUI lawyer for cases, it’s best to get recommendations and get a good and experienced lawyer. An experienced attorney has all the right connections and knows how to handle the case. Without a good lawyer, you would probably be clueless about how to manage the situation yourself. نادي روما


Court cases are not easy. There is a lot of paperwork to be done. If you have no idea how to complete the papers and arrange the documents, it’s best to leave things to an experienced lawyer. They have the right knowledge of court proceedings and what documents are required there. They can tell you beforehand about the materials you will need for a particular hearing. Also, they can help you collect the evidence or witness that can prove that you are innocent.

Fight the Charges

Since a DUI conviction will permanently stay on your criminal records, it might cause problems in your current or future employment. When the police obtain evidence without probable cause, it leads to reduced or dismissed DUI charges. العاب على النت العاب على النت When you hire a DUI lawyer, they will fight the charges and try to avoid any serious consequences. They can build a strong defense strategy to minimize the penalties and even try to get you out without any charge at all. The lawyer will also try to reduce the fines imposed on you. Keep in mind that the penalties related to DUI can be enormous and might be out of your pocket. Judges don’t take kindly to DUI, so you need a lawyer who can represent you efficiently.

Complete Support

A Houston DUI attorney will give you the support you need at this time. Since you are involved in a court case, it’s natural to feel stressed. You need someone who can help you, guide you, and make sure you get out with the minimum penalties. There are many cases in which the prosecutor’s case depends on the accuracy of the evidence. A DUI lawyer would be able to contest their testimony if it’s not reliable.

Those are many good reasons to hire an attorney for your DUI case. If you find yourself in such a situation, don’t waste any time; start looking for one now.

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