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What Happens During DUI Probation?

A Houston Attorney Shares With Us What Occurs During The DUI Probation Process

When you are charged with a DUI it can negatively impact your life for many years. One of the common penalties that are faced by individuals with a driving under the influence conviction is DUI probation. The reason for serving probation following a DUI is to decrease or prevent the likelihood in the future of repeat DUIs. Most states enforce some kind of probationary period for driving under the influence. The precise probation conditions you will need to deal with are going to depend on the DUI laws in your state. You should consult with a DUI attorney in Houston such as Jim Butler for more information. In this article, we will be discussing DUI probation so that you have a better understanding of what takes place during the process.

The DUI Probation Process

The main consequences that will need to be dealt with as part of the DUI probation process include the following:

– Your driver’s license is suspended
– Substance abuse classes
– Devices that monitor your drinking
– Higher insurance rates
– Fines
– Your criminal record being monitored
– Random drug testing

Keep reading for more details on all of the things just listed to have a better understanding of what occurs during the DUI probation process.

Your Driver’s License Is Suspended

Depending on what your state laws are, during the DUI probation process, your driver’s license may be suspended. In terms of its harshness, a driver’s license suspension can be viewed as a medium level form of punishment. dogs dose and frequency using diy ivermectin There are some states that will entirely revoke your license. Other states might just place some driving restrictions on you. Examples of some of the minor restrictions that might be placed on your driving may include not being able to drive only on certain streets or driving only during certain hours. If your job involves a lot of driving and you have a commercial driver’s license, it may be revoked for a few years if you are charged with a DUI. That could result in you being out of work for a long time. If that is the situation that you are in, then you should find a lawyer to consult with. It might be possible for you to negotiate to have your license reinstated so that you are able to keep your job. You should immediately contact a DUI attorney in Houston to help you with your case.

Devices For Monitoring Your Drinking

When you are on probation for a DUI, there are some states that might require to wear a device for monitoring that amount you drink. It is even more common for those who are repeat DUI offenders. There are two kinds of monitoring devices that are most commonly required to be used during a DUI probation period. A DUI attorney in Houston is very familiar with these devices as the main source used by probation officers to track your alcohol intake. To read about DUI expungement click here.

1. The first kind of device is an ankle bracelet that checks your BAC (blood alcohol content) on a regular basis from the perspiration of your skin. Those devices can be very bothersome and are used more commonly with people who have repeat DUI offenses.

2. Another kind of device you may need to have to use attaches to your car’s dashboard. Before being able to turn on your car you are required to take a breathalyzer test first. They are Ignition Interlock devices and intended to make sure you cannot drive after you have been drinking. doseage of ivermectin for intestinal parasites in dogs

These devices both report back to the probation officer. So if you drink excessively while on probation, most likely you are going to get caught. Choosing to drink and drive when you are on probation and then getting caught by one of the devices is the worst thing that you can possibly due. The state penalties for it vary, but they can be quite severe.

Substance Abuse Classes

Usually, you will be required to attend substance abuse classes when on DUI probation. The kind of class you will be required to take will depend on your probation sentence and state laws. Usually, this involves lessons on DUI prevention and on drug and alcohol use. You may need to attend classes for up to a year or longer: it might be for several months.

Random Drug Tests While On Probation

Quite often, a random drug test is done while you are on DUI probation. Although you may have a device already for monitoring your drinking (like a bracelet), you still may be given random tests for other substances. ivermectine 6mg One thing the court will want to ensure is that you don’t find ways for getting around your monitoring device. A DUI can be given for driving while on other drugs, including prescription drugs. In most states, your probation officer will be closely monitoring you to ensure that you are always in compliance with your probation sentence.

Maintaining A Clean Criminal Record

You are required in some states to maintain a clean criminal record during your DUI probation. You will be monitored closely by your probation officer in these cases, and you will be faced with repercussions if you have any slip-ups. Probation is intended to help you get back on track to live a crime-free healthy, and safe lifestyle. If you commit other crimes while you are on probation, that is a sign that you haven’t learned your lesson.

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A Butler Law Firm DUI Attorney Covers The Top 7 Illegal Driving Habits You Should Avoid In Houston

Houston DUI Attorney: Seven Potentially Illegal Activities That You Should Avoid While Driving

1. Texting Or Talking On A Mobile Phone

When you hear an alert on your phone, it is only natural to want to check it right away. Despite the temptation, you should never use your phone while you are behind the wheel. افلام سباق السيارات Incidents of distracted driving as a result of mobile devices are on the rise. In fact, the problem is so bad that Washington recently introduced a new regulation known as driving under the influence of electronics (DUI-E) to try to stop drivers from partaking in this dangerous habit. To stay safe on the road and to avoid causing accidents, never use your phone when you are driving. A good rule of thumb is that you should switch your phone to airplane mode any time you get behind the wheel. The last thing that you want is to have to hire a DUI attorney in Houston after getting pulled over for distracted driving. Texting and driving have high risks of car accidents especially if you are driving under the influence.

2. Wearing Headphones While Driving

When you are driving, it is extremely important to be able to hear what is happening around you. From other drivers honking at you to emergency vehicles approaching, there are a lot of auditory cues that can help keep you safe on the road. Wearing headphones can interfere with your ability to hear, keeping you from picking up on these sounds. The problem is so serious that some states have even made it illegal.

3. Driving Too Close Or Tailgating Other Vehicles

If you aren’t watching the road carefully enough, you may wind up following the vehicle in front of you too closely. Known as tailgating, this practice is illegal in many places. You should adjust your following distance based on the speed that you are traveling at and the overall conditions of the road. betfinal casino

4. Failing To Signal When Switching To Another Lane

Any time you change lanes, you need to remember to signal. It is the only way that other drivers on the road will know what you intend to do. No matter how many or how few cars are on the road, you always need to signal. Even though this is one infraction that you probably won’t get pulled over for, it is still a good habit to get into. It is a lot easier to avoid accidents when you let other drivers know what you are doing. مواقع تقبل الدفع paypal If you believe you have a DUI case please contact an attorney at the Butler Law Firm for help.

5. Driving Too Fast

When you are in a hurry, it is only natural to put the pedal to the metal. Unfortunately, speeding is extremely dangerous. All that you have to do is look at the numbers. In 2015, for instance, 27% of car-accident-related fatalities were the result of speeding. No matter where you are trying to go, it isn’t worth driving faster than the speed limit to get there.

6. Failing To Turn On Your Headlights

Turning on your headlights after dark is a no-brainer. There are other situations, however, where it may also be beneficial to use them. For instance, when the light starts to fade as the sun goes down or when clouds moved in and make it a lot darker outside, headlights can make your vehicle easier to see on the road. They can also help illuminate the road in front of you. It is always best to err on the side of caution and turn on your headlights anytime you think you may need them. If you need legal representation for getting a DUI under the age of 21, reach out to our law firm.

7. Failing To Wear Your Seatbelt

The percentage of drivers who use seatbelts is relatively high, exceeding 90% of drivers. However, there are still as many as 27 million people in the United States who fail to wear a seatbelt. When you consider how effective seatbelts are at saving lives, it is hard to understand why people don’t buckle up. No matter how long you are planning on being in your vehicle, it is worth taking a second to strap in before you go.

8. DUI & Thinking You’re Okay To Drive

Many people think that they are not “that” intoxicated so they get behind the wheel and put their lives at risks. Have somebody drive you to your destination. Do not get behind the wheel and potentially hurt others.

To speak with a DUI attorney in Houston call us today. If you want to check out more related content check out our blog. You can also get a free case evaluation at the Butler Lawfirm by clicking here.