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A Houston TX DWI Lawyer Speaks On The Serious Nature Of Drunk Driving With Children Present

A DWI Lawyer in Houston TX Covers The Consequences Of Driving Drunk With Kids In The Vehicle

The legislature in Texas goes to great lengths to protect the safety of kids statewide, and this is particularly true in the context of drunk driving when children are present. This type of conduct is never acceptable, and the reasons are obvious. However, the techniques used to identify when a DWI has occurred are far from perfect, regardless of whether children are involved. As such, high-quality parents may end up in serious legal jeopardy for a crime they did not in fact commit. No matter whether you feel you are innocent or perhaps at fault, it is necessary to become familiar with what a DWI with a child present actually entails and how a DWI lawyer in Houston tx can help safeguard your future. How often are charges of this nature lodged? The bottom line is that 47 out of 50 states in the union have distinct criminal charges for drunk driving while a child is present. Texas is among the 42 states imposing more stringent penalties for DWIs involving child occupants. The Texas statute codifying those DWI penalties was enacted in 2003. Who qualifies as a “child” passenger under Texas Law? Many are unsure as to what age range triggers the enhanced DWI charge. It not surprising that there is a lack of clarity surrounding this issue, because each state has its own definitions that must be learned.

  • DWI With Child Passenger: Texas Penalties

A DWI arrest is always an intimidating event, from the sobriety testing done at the scene to subsequent breath or blood testing. DWI penalties are always strict, but when a kid is in the car, they can escalate rapidly. Drunk driving charges that involve a child passenger are unique unto themselves, and the prospective sanctions are more serious in nature than a typical DWI would bring. لعبة سباق الاحصنة First-time DWI offenders are often charged with a Class B misdemeanor if no child is present, but if a youngster is in the car, the same conduct rises to a state jail-eligible felony.

  • Full Scope Of DWI Punishments When A Child Is Present:

Offenders under such circumstances can anticipate a state jail felony term of incarceration lasting no less than 180 days, though no greater than 2 years. There will also likely be a license suspension of 180 days that is automatically imposed. Upwards of $10,000 in monetary fines can be levied, and license surcharge fees between $1,000 and $2,000 will be assessed for three years. Subsequent offenses of the same type will bring even more onerous punishments, with a child endangerment enhancement raising the stakes higher.

  • CPS, Child Endangerment, And DUIs

There must be no mistaking the fact that driving drunk while a child is present in the vehicle is a universally bad decision. Should the aforementioned punishments not represent a sufficient deterrent, consider something else as well. سيرجيو راموس Child Protective Services in Texas may also move to seize custody of your children under such scenarios. According to provisions of the Texas Penal Code, child endangerment is when a child under the age of 15 is placed at risk of injury, death or physical impairment. If you find yourself needing to hire a DWI Lawyer in Houston TX for legal representation, click here.

  • Child Neglect

The Family Code of Texas also mandates that certain categories of professionals report neglect when they suspect it has or is occurring. DWI charges and convictions in Texas have the power to bring about a whole host of negative consequences, and those that involve child passengers have the ability to impact custodial agreements, visitation rights and much more. طول اللاعب كريستيانو رونالدو It should be noted that any CPS case stemming from suspected child neglect or endangerment is a distinct matter from a DWI case and any administrative action regarding licensing. Therefore, it is always best to secure the advice and guidance of an experienced family lawyer in Texas whenever such issues arise.

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A DWI Attorney In Houston Covers 10 Ways To Prevent Drunk Driving During Spring Break

Tips On How To Avoid Spring Break Drunk Driving By A DWI Attorney In Houston

When the spring is upon us once more, it’s important to take stock of safe driving tips. That’s especially true for young drivers currently taking time off from school. Many college-age (and sadly, high school age) students will likely be enjoyed drinks before they get behind the wheel. Trouble is sure to follow. While you may be able to rely upon a DWI attorney Houston residents recommend, it’s best to avoid the hassle if possible. After being generally cooped up for months, March brings on all sorts of celebrations. St. Patrick’s Day and spring break are just two of the biggest examples. There’s an awful lot of partying that goes on. Sadly, drunk driving tends to follow suit. This is just as big of a problem in Texas as anywhere else. There have been a lot of efforts put forward to raise awareness of the issue, however. The statistics should be enough to scare anyone away from getting behind the wheel when intoxicated. The state often sees over 20,000 annual DWI related crashes. Death tolls have reached the thousands as well, and injuries are understandably common. More than half of these incidents tend to involve young drivers. طريقة لعب القمار

Here’s how you can avoid having to deal with a Houston DWI attorney:

1 – Abstain From Drinking

Perhaps it sounds like “no fun”, but you should just avoid alcohol altogether if you know you have to drive later. There’s a lot of pressure to drink socially at parties, but it can easily lead to disaster. Every group needs someone sober to be a designated driver anyway. Why not be the responsible one and avoid trouble for everyone involved?

2 – Don’t Get Behind The Wheel Drunk

It couldn’t be any easier. Even after only a few sips, you could still be affected enough to impair your driving ability. It is easier to not drive if you know you are drunk then to have to deal with potential repercussions.

3 – Leave Your Vehicle

Leave your vehicle somewhere safe and use public transport or a cab to get around. This way, you won’t be compelled to get behind the wheel.

4 – Never Let Your Friends Drive Drunk

You should also be on the lookout for your friends. Anyone that’s been drinking needs to avoid operating a vehicle at all costs.

5 – Determine How You’re Getting Home Early On

If you plan to drink, you need to know exactly how you’re getting home instead of driving yourself. Make a plan and follow it.

6 – Have Someone Pick You Up

Arrange to have family members or friends to pick you up, preferably at a previously arranged time. You can also call someone if necessary.

7 – Stay Put

If you can stay overnight at your current location, do so! Look for a hotel or motel nearby if not. It may sting to be away from the comfort of home the next morning if you’re hungover, but it beats the alternative.

8 – Just Host The Party Yourself

If you’re determined to get into the party mood, you can stay safest if you’re the host. While this is a sigh of relief for you personally, you’ll have to make sure your guests are safe, however. Offer to have anyone without safe travel accommodations stay over if you can. You might want to make sure there’s a spare bed available, or plenty of extra pillows and sheets for people to crash in the living room if needed.

9 – Arrange Public Transport For Everyone Else

Public transportation trips with a group of friends can be quite an adventure. If you can meet up with everyone at a nearby bus station, you’ll be able to get to and from your party location without worry of anyone feeling compelled to drive themselves home later. If you stick together, you’ll also be able to keep everyone in check a bit more easily. اربح مال مجانا

10 – Take A Pass

It may also be best to simply opt out of the party atmosphere altogether. It may seem appealing at the moment, but there are plenty of reasons to just enjoy a quiet evening to yourself instead. If you refrain from partying at all, you can catch up with hobbies, go on a date instead, or literally anything else. 888 كازينو

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What To Know About A Motion To Suppress Evidence – Houston Texas DWI Lawyer

Understanding the Motion to Suppress in Court

When you’ve been charged with committing some type of crime in the Houston, Texas area, you’ll have the opportunity to speak out against those who are accusing you of committing such a crime in the first place. It may be possible to ask the court to avoid presenting some evidence in the courtroom, especially if it was illegally obtained. When having this type of evidence thrown out, the process is typically referred to as a motion to suppress the evidence that could potentially make you look like you’re guilty of the crime.

Defending Your Rights

You should know that you do have rights as an individual who lives in the United States. It’s even in the Constitution! Individuals are protected from having evidence used against them that was obtained in an illegal manner, which may include searching a home or property without a warrant or a legitimate reason to look around the building in the first place. Before the police can enter a property and start searching, they need to have a good reason to do so. نادي بايرن ميونخ

Police officers can’t just search through your car. كريستيانو رونالدو عنده كم سنه Although they may give off that impression to those who aren’t aware of the laws or their rights as citizens of the United States, they have no reason to look through a vehicle without having the legitimate probable cause. If the office violates your Fourth Amendment rights as a human being, you may be able to look into the possibility of having evidence suppressed simply because the evidence wasn’t gathered in a legal manner. Upon reviewing the motion, the judge will likely throw out the evidence, which may mean the case gets thrown out altogether.

Understanding How It All Works

It’s important to understand what a motion to suppress is and how it all works, but it’s also important to know that not all motions are accepted. In some instances, there may be enough legally obtained evidence to use against you in the court of law, thus keeping the charges going until you end up going to a trial or agreeing to a specific deal. There are some exclusions, which may include an officer obtaining evidence without a warrant because he or she had a reason to believe something was going on inside the property at that moment. بث مباشر بى اوت كيو

If you’re being accused of a crime, make sure you hire a DWI attorney in Houston Texas. The attorney will review the case and find out if he or she is able to file a motion to suppress due to some of the evidence gathered against you being obtained illegally. It helps to have an attorney working on the case with you because he or she will try to get you out of as much trouble as possible.

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Our DWI Lawyer in Houston Addresses Your ALR

What Is An Administrative License Revocation (ALR) Hearing?

It is something occurs every day in Houston, Texas. You are pulled over by a police officer on suspicion of a DWI. In order to confirm this suspicion, the police officer requests that you take a blood or breath test. You refuse and then are told that your driver’s license is going to be suspended? So what you should you do now? Should you call a DWI lawyer in Houston Texas?

Your Rights Under The Law In Texas And Implied Consent

There is an “implied consent” law in Texas with respect to breath and blood tests. What that means is that when you apply for and obtain a driver’s license in the state of Texas, you are presumed to have consented to any sobriety tests that are subsequently requested by a law enforcement officer. العب انترنت In practice, the police are forbidden by the Constitution to conduct a search without a warrant or your consent, so you still can decline a breath or blood test.

However, if you refuse to take the test – of if you agree to and then fail it – the state of Texas can suspend your driver’s license automatically for a period that ranges from 90 days up to 2 years. The suspension works independently of any criminal DWI charges that you might be faced with. Even if the prosecutors make the decision to prosecute you – or if you are charged and then acquitted – you will still need to deal with a possible license suspension separately.

Your Suspension Will Be Dealy If You Ask For A Hearing

After you either fail or refuse a sobriety test, usually the arresting officer will serve you with a license suspension notice. At that point, the suspension hasn’t gone into effect yet. انواع القمار However, your license will be taken by the officer, and a temporary driving permit will be issued to you.

You will have 15 days starting with the date of your suspension notice to ask the Texas Department of Public Safety for an administrative hearing. If you fail to do this within the 15-day timeframe, your suspension is finalized on the 40th day after your notice was served, which is 40 days after your DWI arrest. However, if you request a hearing within the time frame, your suspension doesn’t start until after a hearing has been conducted by the DPS and a ruling has been issued by an administrative law judge (ALJ).

That frequently takes longer than you may think. The DPS by law can take as long as 120 days to get a hearing scheduled. That means you might be able to continue to drive for four months (or longer) while your appeal is being considered by the ALJ. Even if you are ruled against by the ALJ, you can appeal the decision, and the suspension won’t go into effect during that time.

At your hearing, you will have the right to call the officer who arrested you and question him. It isn’t a criminal trial, so there isn’t a prosecutor to cross-examine or prepare the police officer. You also have the right to challenge any evidence that has been used against you.

Just remember that in order to suspend your driver’s license, Texas doesn’t need to prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. That is only true in criminal DWI cases. شركة كويك The ALJ just needs to find that there was probable cause for the officer to arrest you and that you either failed or refused a sobriety test.

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Notice of Non-disclosure For A Houston DWI

Moving On From A DWI: What HB 3016 Means For You

HB 3016 is a new law that states that if someone is convicted of a nonviolent misdemeanor, like a DWI, they can ask the court for an order of nondisclosure. Whether or not they receive the order of nondisclosure depends on their unique situation.

For example, under the law, someone can petition for the order of nondisclosure if they could not get an automatic order; in that situation, a judge determined that doing so wouldn’t be just. Someone can also ask for an order of nondisclosure as soon as their sentence is over if they were convicted of a misdemeanor and asked to pay a fine. If they received another punishment in addition to the fine, though, they have to wait two years in order to ask for an order of nondisclosure.

Defining An Order Of Non-Disclosure

When you have an order of non-disclosure, your criminal record is essentially hidden from the public and you do not have to admit to the charge in the vast majority of cases. The exception here is that government employers, state and federal authorities, and members of law enforcement can still see the charge on your record.

Keep in mind, though, that your conviction is still a part of your record. The only thing an order of non-disclosure does is keep others from seeing it. As was noted above, there are still certain entities that can view the conviction, like police officers. الباير In addition, there are certain professional licensing agencies that can see it as well.

However, an order of non-disclosure is helpful in several ways. It essentially gives you another chance; if you made a mistake but learned and moved on from it, that mistake is not doomed to haunt you forever. When your conviction is hidden from the public, you will have an easier time getting a job or even obtaining a loan. You can move forward with a clean slate.

Who Is Eligible For Non-Disclosure?

You must meet the following conditions in order to have your DWI sealed. To start, you must not have had any prior convictions of driving while intoxicated. قوانين الاونو Your alcohol concentration could not have been at or greater than .15. In addition, you must not have caused a car crash as a result of your intoxication.

Furthermore, you must have been given community supervision (not jail time) and you must not have other convictions on your record. اون لاين جيمز A traffic citation is fine, but any other offense makes you ineligible.

When Can You Apply For Non-Disclosure?

Once you have finished community supervision, you have to wait at least two years to apply for non-disclosure. At that time, you can try and seal your record only if there was a Deep Lung Device put on your car.

If you did not have a Deep Lung Device put on your car, you have to wait five years following the completion of community supervision.

What Does This Mean For You?

The new law means that if you have a nonviolent offense on your record, like a DWI charge, it will not be as difficult for you to move on with your life and find a job. If you want to find out more about non-disclosure, get in touch with the most experienced DWI defense lawyer Houston has to offer as soon as possible, and we will help you figure out if you are a good candidate. We are happy to give you a consultation at no charge to you to help you understand how you can seal your record.

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Let’s Talk About Deferred Adjudication in Houston Texas

Understanding Deferred Adjudication in Texas

Getting a criminal conviction is a life-changing thing. The sentence itself is a serious matter. Convictions, no matter what they are for, can make it much harder for a person to get a job. They can also make it harder to get certain benefits from the government, and may even limit your ability to vote and exercise other rights. It can be possible to avoid the immediate consequences of a conviction by seeking a deferred adjudication, however, this is not always available. In Texas, some criminal cases are eligible for this kind of probationary sentence.

When Can Someone Get Deferred Adjudication

Deferred Adjudication is spelled out in Section 42A, subchapter C of the Code of Criminal Procedure for Texas. It is important to note that no defendant has the ‘right’ to deferred adjudication. This is something that is granted at the judge’s discretion, and they will do so only if they believe that the judgment would be in the best interest of society. تعلم بوكر

Deferred adjudication is something that is offered only if the defendant initially enters a ‘no contest’ plea or a guilty plea. The defendant is, therefore, foregoing their right to have a trial by jury. Instead of being heard by a jury, the judge will conduct a separate hearing, and then make their own determination as to whether the prosecution has supplied enough evidence to substantiate that the defendant is guilty. When the judge has made a decision, the court can then defer further proceedings, but without entering a guilty judgment.

If the court decides to do this, then they suspend the case for a given period of time, and the defendant is considered on probation for that time. The duration of the suspension will depend on the facts of the case and also the classification of the crime.

Someone accused of a felony may see a suspension of up to ten years. Misdemeanor cases can see a probation of up to two years, but certain sex-related crimes such as aggravated sexual assault, or indecency involving a child, will see a probationary period of at least five years. The law forbids deferred adjudication for some specific types of crime – including drunk driving.

Are There Conditions of the Probation

The court will set terms for the probation and the defendant must comply with them. Violation of the probation, even unintentionally, may be deemed grounds to revoke the community supervision, and result in the original criminal charge being made. لعبة بلاك جاك اون لاين مجانا This means that the defendant once again faces the prospect of prison, and having a criminal conviction on their record.

The terms of the probation or community supervision order will vary from case to case. The courts provide the defendant with a detailed list of the conditions that they must abide by. There are some typical conditions which are applied in Texas, however:

  • Do not commit further crimes under federal or state law.
  • Do not consume alcohol or use illegal drugs (urine testing may be called upon at any time).
  • Do not associate with disreputable or harmful characters or places.
  • Report to the probation officer on a specified timescale.
  • Allow the probation officer to visit your workplace or home.
  • Maintain employment, and report changes in your work situation to your probation officer promptly.
  • Do not move outside of your home county without first obtaining permission from the probation officer.
  • Pay fines or fees, such as restitution to the victim of your crime.
  • Meet child support obligations. لعبة الحظ الحقيقية

Failure to follow those conditions could lead to the prosecution filing a petition to bring an end to the deferred adjudication. If this happens, then the original crime will be judged immediately and a criminal conviction may follow. The defendant is entitled to a hearing before a judge before the deferred adjudication is brought to an end. This is not a criminal trial, however, and instead of ‘beyond reasonable doubt’, the prosecution is required to show that a violation occurred by a much lower standard, which is called ‘ a preponderance of evidence’. This means that it is hard to avoid the deferred adjudication being brought to an end, so it is vital to co-operate with probation officers and follow the rules.

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Hurricane Harvey’s Affects On Houstons’ Justice System

The Criminal Justice System In Houston After Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey negatively affected the lives of Houston residents as it came with massive flooding which damaged many buildings including government buildings found in downtown Houston. One of the buildings that were affected by the massive flooding is the Criminal Justice Center.

The floods affected the lower levels of the courthouse building and backing up the plumbing system. Even now, several months after the devastating storm, the building is still shut down. tawla 31 However, this has shown us how flexible the criminal justice system can be and today, temporary measures are in place to ensure that trials and hearings continue to be held.

Almost overnight, the District Attorney’s office and more than 700 people it employs were forced to reshape their structure and solve what could only be called a logistical nightmare. ارقام طاولة الروليت The office is not found in 10 different building throughout Houston including in a space at the South Texas College of Law which has been leased until the end of September this year.

In the meantime, criminal law judges have to share courtrooms with civil law and family judges. This has placed a premium on courtroom time and led to delays which have now become a huge concern for defendants. This is due to the fact that these delays put too much unnecessary pressure on defendants. لعبة البوكر

However, the DA’s office has given a priority to serious criminal charges and reduced plea bargain offers on low-level misdemeanors especially for drug crimes in a bid to prevent the backlog of cases and reduce delays in getting to trial. It has been made clear that the focus is on crimes against people and property and lawyers should avoid rushing those cases or selling them short.

The Impact on Your DWI Case in Houston

In case you are arrested and charged with a crime, then it is more likely that your trial will be delayed. However, since the District Attorney’s office is flexible with lower level crimes, then odds are you may have your case resolved quickly. It is a good idea to talk to the best DWI attorney Houston has to offer about your options and find out how to avoid these costly delays.

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Let’s Get Your Houston DWI Taken Care Of Before It’s On Your Record

How Long Will A DWI in Houston Remain On Your Texas Record?

It’s common for folks to panic if they get arrested. It’s quite easy to think the worst. However, before you give up hope during your own arrest, it’s good to keep perspective. First of all, remember that an arrest or charge doesn’t actually mean that you’re guilty of the crime in question. Your conviction is not a given either. This is why it’s essential that you retain a Houston DWI defense attorney experienced in the criminal defense of such matters. He or she can represent you in your situation and case, and also answer specific questions. One you might be wondering about is how long will a Texas DWI stay on your criminal record.

What Is Expunction Or Expungement?

Under the purview of Texas laws, various criminal charges might get removed from a person’s record. That process is never automatic, as you have to apply for it to happen. gaminator hack 2021 In a lot of instances, the state isn’t going to challenge such a request. Other times, the state will most certainly resist a request for criminal charges to be removed from a person’s record. It all depends on the crime, the nature of the situation, and the various facts surrounding the case. The right lawyer at your side can make or break things for you.

What Are Common Kinds Of Case Dispositions?

Disposition is another name for the case’s outcome. The kind of disposition you get has a tremendous impact on whether you can even get your criminal record expunged for this particular matter. It can go a lot of different ways. The ideal scenario is, of course, a prosecutor simply deciding not to go through with the case. Dismissal is then a result, and it happens when evidence just wasn’t that strong or possibly obtained illegally, like through lack of probable cause or an unlawful search. gaminator pc

In some cases, you might get a deferred adjudication. Many states have variations of this. What it basically means is that you have a plea bargain with the prosecutor. The agreement stipulates that your meeting a list of predetermined conditions over time will get your case dismissed. In exchange for this, you sign a document stating that you’re either guilty or pleading ‘no contest’ to your charge. It basically means that if you don’t live up to the conditions or you get another charge in that span of time, your case gets converted over to an actual conviction. You’ve already agreed to not contest the case or plead guilty after all.

In some situations, the State of Texas might bring a case against you in a courtroom, but you come out on top and win, coming away with a verdict of not-guilty. However, you might also be found guilty.

How Can A Case Disposition Impact Your Permanent Record?

The Texas Code lays out your right for expungement of particular crimes from your record in Chapter 55, assuming that certain rules are followed or applied. Be mindful of the fact that the criminal code in Texas possesses quite a few exceptions and rules that need thorough legal analysis that will eventually determine if your own case is actually eligible.

In the end, you might be able to seek an expunction provided:

  • You got tried for a particular crime but were found not guilty in trial; -or-
  • You got tried for a particular crime and got convicted but then also pardoned; -or-
  • You got charged but then released or just never convicted. However, if this is going to apply, you can not have received any charge for a felony or misdemeanor based on that same crime, irrespective of any applicable statute of limitations. Also, a set amount of time after the chargers were pressed must have passed. eb sportfogadás That waiting period is 3 years after an arrest for felonies, a year for Class A and/or B misdemeanors, and 180 days after a Class C arrest.

How Can You Expunge Your DWI in Houston?

Like all other crimes, a Texas DWI is assigned its own level of severity, per the DWI laws of the state. With only limited exceptions, driving during intoxication is a crime that constitutes a Class B misdemeanor, triggering a minimum 72 hours behind bars. If an open bottle was discovered in your vehicle, then your minimum doubles to six days. You get upgraded to a Class A misdemeanor if your blood alcohol level measures more than 0.15 percent. So, as you can see, the classification of your particular offense determines how much time you must wait before you might even get it possibly removed. Then again, if you get convicted without a pardon, you don’t have any right for expungement.

If you’re staring down a DWI charge and looking at a possible conviction for a misdemeanor offense, or if you’ve caused another person injury, then it’s crucial that you hire a Houston DWI defense attorney to represent you and keep your Texas driving record clear. Even if your total innocence is established and you get your case full dismissed, you still have to apply for your expungement to get things removed fully from your record. This process is not automatic.

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Consult Our Houston DWI Attorney To Learn More About Intoxication Manslaughter

What Penalties Are Associated with Texas Intoxication Manslaughter? بلاك جاك كازينو

Driving while intoxicated is illegal in all 50 states but if you are in a fatality related accident in the state of Texas and are under the influence, it is considered a felony. You will be charged with intoxication manslaughter, something that is generally referred to as DWI manslaughter in different states. This type of charge can also be levied against any driver who is under the influence of any drugs and is responsible for the loss of life to any passenger or driver in their vehicle or another.

Manslaughter is different from murder, as it does not likely have any malicious intent involved. In addition, there is not typically any forethought associated with a manslaughter charge. In the state of Texas, however, severe penalties are levied against individuals who have committed this crime. العاب مراهنات They are considered to be a deterrent penalty, meant to keep other individuals from committing this crime while at the same time, punishing the offender. العاب فلوس حقيقية As far as intoxication manslaughter is concerned, the charges are also meant to keep other people from driving under the influence.

Intoxication manslaughter is a second-degree felony in the state of Texas. It is typically punishable by the following:

  • Two-year minimum sentence of up to 20 years in prison.
  • Maximum $10,000 in fines
  • Maximum 800 hours of community service
  • Loss of license from 180 days up to two years
  • Probation with 120 days in jail

The prosecution in intoxication manslaughter cases is not likely to accept a plea bargain or to go easy on the charges. They are also interested in making an example of the offender and if needed, will take the case to litigation. In the state of Texas, anyone who has been charged with this crime will need to rely on a good defense lawyer who was willing to stand by them and fight for them in a court of law.

The Benefits of Using Us As Your Houston DWI Attorney

When you use our law firm, you can rest assured of something very important. We are aware that we all make mistakes and these types of charges can be based on a variety of certain false information. In addition, we know that the justice system in the state of Texas must provide what is legally available for our clients. When it comes to taking care of DWI defense in Houston or anywhere in Texas, we are dedicated to providing the best option available. You can contact us on the phone or by filling out our convenient web form to learn more about your rights and how we can help build a defense. All of this can be discussed during your free case evaluation.

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Addressing Your Mandatory Observation Period

Understanding The Role That The Mandatory Observation Period Plays In A DWI Arrest

There are a lot of laws that govern the actions that occur after a police officer pulls a person over because they suspect them of driving while intoxicated. These laws are designed to help the police officer find out whether or not the person in question truly is under the influence of drugs or alcohol. لعبة مباشر DWIs carry extremely stiff penalties.

Officers in the state of Texas have to follow these laws to make sure that they aren’t accidentally arresting someone who is not guilty of committing this crime. One of the actions that they have to take is known as the mandatory observation period. تعلم لعب البوكر In essence, this means that they have to keep an eye on you for 15 minutes before giving you a breath test to measure the amount of alcohol in your blood. If the officer fails to do this, it can affect the results of your blood alcohol content test. In many cases, it can also lead to a wrongful conviction for DWI.

If the officer fails to adhere to the mandatory observation period, you can contest the charges against you. In many cases, however, it will be your word against the word of the police officer. That doesn’t mean that this defense can’t be used effectively to get the charges against you dropped. You will generally have better success, however, if you work with a qualified DWI attorney in Houston TX. An attorney who is familiar with Texas state laws may be able to help you prove that the results of your test were inaccurate or that they were negatively impacted by external factors, helping to get the case against you thrown out.

Reach Out To Us Today For Assistance

Don’t take a chance on your future. Instead, contact our qualified Houston DWI lawyer today to talk to them about your case. We are intimately familiar with Texas state laws regarding DWI. طريقة الربح في الروليت There are a lot of factors that come into play when determining whether or not someone is in violation of the law. In many cases, mistakes that are made by the arresting officer can result in charges being incorrectly filed against you. We can help you evaluate your case to make sure that you were treated fairly both during and after your arrest. In many cases, we may be able to help get the charges against you reduced or dropped, depending on the circumstances of your case. There is no substitute for competent legal advice. Contact us today to see how we can help you fight the charges against you.

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