Will My Career Be Affected With A DWI Conviction?

Butler Law Firm | DWI in Houston TXThe harsh truth is yes your career will be affected. It also may not be as bad as you anticipate it to be. No matter how serious this can be for you, fret not because you are not alone. A lot of people out there are in the same position as you. They too are wondering about their chances of getting and or keeping their dream jobs even with DWI arrests.

There is no denying that driving under the influence (DWI) can put your career at risk. Having a record for drunk driving does not sit well with most employers. However, this situation is not too great to overcome.

So what are some things you can do to lessen the impact of a DWI on your career?

Here are some ways:

1.  Be Honest About It.

This one is pretty simple but hard to do. You can be tempted to omit the information when filling out an employment questionnaire, but the best thing to do is to be outright honest about it. You might be able to get away with it before you get hired, but if the employer finds out about it, you might be fired immediately. This will not look good in your employment history.

However, you do not need to offer the information if you are not asked about it. There is a possibility that some employers will not find out about your record since some do not require you to fill out a form.

2.  Choose An Appropriate Job.

There are some specific jobs, however, where you need to volunteer the information even if you are not asked about it. Applying for a job or any work that requires a lot of driving will obviously require someone with a good driving record. If you have several DWI case convictions, this might not be an ideal job for you.

Other jobs that will not suit well for those with DWI arrests are jobs looking for truck drivers, cab drivers, and even Uber drivers.

Teachers and school employees are also at risk of being fired if they have DWI charges.

Merchant seamen, pilots, and military personnel can experience grave consequences if they do not report the conviction.

It is, therefore, best to avoid employment in these areas knowing your chances will be greatly affected by your DWI conviction.

3.  Background Checks.

Any employer can choose to conduct a background check on both prospective and current employees for many different reasons, some reasons being more valid and legal than others.

The question as to whether or not your conviction will come up on the background check is going to depend on the limits of your employer’s ability to conduct a background check being that employer’s limitations are governed mostly by state laws.

Even if you do not want your prospective employers to know about your DWI case especially if it happened several years ago, it can still be on your record.

A lot of companies require a background check on their prospective employees and a simple search in the Motor Vehicles Dept. can lead to them finding out about your case if they have the clearance.

If your record shows, it does not mean your chances of being hired are over. You do not need to be defensive about it either by stating it in your cover letter. The best time to tell your story is when the issue is brought up in the interview.

You can state your side of the story and not dwell too much on it. It is important for the employer to see that you have learned a lesson from it, and it is not your normal behavior, and you are not likely to do it again.

Regardless of the precautions, you take, however, there is no way to predict how your job-hunting efforts will turn out. No matter how qualified you are, an employer can dismiss you because of your record.

No matter what, the ideal thing is still to have a clean record, which is why before pleading guilty to a DWI charge; it is best to seek the help of a professional lawyer. You can contact the Butler Law Office Firm for a free case consultation to make you feel more comfortable and to receive help to discover what your real options are before it’s too late. It is important to know the ramifications of the charges to your life in general. Working with the Butler Law Office Firm can help you weigh out all options and can help you possibly maintain a clean record resulting in your career thriving just as it was before.

Again, having a DWI conviction does not take away your chances of getting employed in a good job. It can be more challenging, but with the proper guidance and help from a professional lawyer, you can get your life back on track slowly but surely.