Setting Up Your ALR Hearing Request in Texas Before License Suspension Happens

We fully understand how important a driver’s license is to our clients. Living in a city like Houston, you need to have a valid driver’s license or else you will find it hard to get around and perform important tasks you need to do on a daily basis.

When you are arrested for DWI or anything related to intoxication, there is usually a separate driver’s license case to be challenged. Unless you or your lawyer requests a hearing to challenge the automatic suspension, the Department of Public Safety will suspend your license.

ALR Suspension

It does not matter whether you gave a breath test, blood test or refused to give a breath or blood test. Always remember that you have only 15 days from the day you were arrested to make a Texas alr hearing request. If you fail to request the hearing early enough, you will automatically lose your driver’s license on the 40th day after your arrest for DWI.

ALR Hearing Texas

The hearing will be handled by a different judge in a different court from where your DWI case is handled. This hearing is known as an Administration License Revocation or ALR in short. The hearing is important as it can be important to your DWI case defense.

It is very important to take your time and choose a knowledgeable attorney to represent you at this hearing. There are many rules and procedures in place that your attorney must strictly follow.

Our years of experience have helped us sort through the information presented at your hearing to gather information necessary for your DWI defense. We usually question the officers who arrested our clients, about the facts regarding the arrest.  This is done prior to any opportunity they have had to change or alter their testimony about the facts of the case.

Unfortunately, not all of the attorneys do not take advantage of this unique opportunity to learn about the facts of your case. This hearing is your best opportunity to save your driver’s license. Therefore, have an experienced lawyer who knows the law and one who will fight for you to help you save your Texas driver’s license.

ALR Hearing Houston Attorney

Jim Butler has represented clients at ALR hearing Houston cases and throughout greater Houston area.Therefore, if you are arrested for DWI and you live in the Houston area, think of Jim Butler!

NOTE: Even if the DWI charge is dismissed, your driver’s license can still be suspended. In order to avoid the suspension of your Texas Driver, contact The Butler Law firm today for more information.