Glossary of Important Terms

  1. Acquittal – What we strive for. Where a judge or jury pronounces you Not Guilty, and all of your rights are returned, and all hardships imposed on you are lifted.
  2. ALR Hearing – Administrative License Revocation Hearing. It is your attorney’s first opportunity to contest the suspension of your drivers license. The request for this hearing must be made within 15 days from the date of arrest. These proceedings are civil in nature and are separate from the criminal case. (The Butler Law Firm values this hearing, as it affords us an opportunity to cross examine the arresting officer, and extract important information which can be used in your defense).
  3. Arraignment Setting – The first court setting. If you have not hired a lawyer by this first court appearance, the Court will allow you additional time to hire one.
  4. Cash Bond – An amount of money paid directly to the County, guaranteeing that a person will appear in court. If a person posts a cash bond they will have those funds returned to them, ten to twelve weeks after the final disposition.
  5. Surety Bond – An amount of money a Bonding Company agrees to pay, guaranteeing that you will appear in court. It is the most common type of bond posted. An individual pays a percentage of the amount owed to bond out to a bonding company. You do not get that money back.
  6. BAC – Blood or breath alcohol content. In Texas, the presumed limit of intoxication is .08.
  7. Bond Forfeiture – If you are late to your court appearance more than once, a Judge can forfeit your bond, and raise the amount required for you to stay out on bond. If this happens, additional surety will have to be posted for you to be released from custody of the Sheriff’s Department. In the past, the Butler Law Firm has been able to have forfeitures overturned, if there was good cause shown.
  8. Butler Law Firm – A 100% DWI defense firm that is dedicated to achieving results for it’s clients. They really care about the lives and well being of the people they represent.
  9. Bond Conditions , also known as Pre Trial Conditions – a set of restrictions imposed by the Court, on individuals bywho are released on bond. An example would be ordering a person not to use alcohol while out on bond, or ordering them to report in person to Pre Trial Services, after each court appearance.
  10. Mandatory Bond Conditions – These conditions are required by Statute. In DWI cases where there is a breath or blood test in excess of .15, or for repeat DWI offenders, an Ignition Interlock, a device you blow into in order to start your vehicle, is required by State Law. If you drive a company owned vehicle, (not your own company) there are exceptions to this.
  11. DWI – Driving while intoxicated. It is an opinion crime. The Officer offered an opinion that you no longer had your normal mental or physical faculties due to alcohol, drugs, a combination of those two things, or an unknown substance.There is a presumption of intoxication if your BAC was .08 or higher. The Butler Law Firm contests that presumption

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I check to see if my license is suspended?
Call our office at (713) 236-8744 and we will check for you on the DPS website.

I received a letter in the mail from the DPS saying my license was going to be suspended and that I need to pay a fine. What does this mean?

Usually, a fine is automatically charged to you when your license is revoked or you have been ordered to install an interlock device on your vehicle or at your home. Call our office at (713) 236-8744 if you have already paid these charges and the records do not reflect that payment. Please allow 15 business days for your payments to process.