what happens when you get a dui

Charged With A DWI/DUI?

Butler Law Firm has been dedicated to preventing DWI cases for over 23 years. Within this time, Jim has handled hundreds of DUI cases, all of which have been completely in the realm of DWI/DUI. He’s had countless cases lead to “not guilty”.

DWI/DUI: Regions Of Practice

When a person is pulled over for drinking and driving they are often given numerous tests, most often including breathe tests, to find out their degree of intoxication. An overview of your situation may determine mistakes within the screening methods, or gear used, and result in decreased charges, or even a dismissal of the case. Butler Law Firm will evaluate all facets of your situation to locate flaws that may help with your protection. We are ready to fight in virtually any of these circumstances for you:

Breath Test

This method of screening is inaccurate at a basic science level, and can produce results which are incorrect. The technology is over 60 years old that they use, and very outdated.

Sobriety Test

Law Enforcement sobriety tests are created for one to fail. Knowing your rights and seeing how law enforcement create these tests will give you an upper hand.

Blood Test

If a blood test was done, your rights have been jeopardized. For the court to be able to use your blood work, and be allowed to be used in court, your blood must have been taken by the correct procedures according to the law, and must have met the correct guidelines for this procedure.

Maintaining your license valid

Sometimes you have to make a tough decision when arrested to provide a blood or breath test. More issues are raised by the warnings distributed by law enforcement than they answer. They will fight you for keeping license privileges.

DWI/DUI with medications or drugs

Authorities are arresting increasingly more individuals who take prescription drugs. These scenarios are nearly always problematic.

Multiple DUI Charges
Charges become increasingly more severe with a previous record of related arrests from similar DUI engagements. Charges are usually more severe if there was previous preceding, or charges, in the last 5 years.

All you need to understand concerning the DUI protection procedure, and things to anticipate may be found right here