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If you have a charge of DWI, DUI, or similar charge, you want a lawyer whose practice is just focused on DWI defense. These are serious charges and the final verdict can have significant ramifications.

It is therefore imperative to get a lawyer who has experience and who focuses in this area of law. No different than if you needed brain surgery you would not go to a family doctor for it. You would go to a surgeon who focuses in that particular area of surgery.

It is important that you ask the right questions before deciding on the Houston DWI attorney that will handle your case. To do that successfully you first need to know which questions are important to ask.

The Questions You Should Ask A Houston DWI Attorney:

Don’t just accept any lawyer for your case. The final verdict is going to affect your life, so you need to take responsibility for getting the best attorney and one that can get the best possible result for you.

Our initial consultation is free and so you have no reason not to make an appointment with us. Even if you have already chosen a DWI attorney in Texas you can still make use of our website to look further at your arrest details to see if there are any mistakes or errors that can be used in your favor. Because this service we provide is free, you should definitely make use of it to aid you in the satisfactory outcome of your case.

If you want to maximize the likelihood of success it is important that you gather all the relevant and available information as early as possible. This information can save you time needed to get your life back to normal.

Just being arrested on a DWI charge in Texas doesn’t make you guilty under the law. While you might worry that your case is cut and dry, the law has many opportunities that can be used to defend your case and hopefully change the outcome into one that is favorable to you. It is our desire that you understand there are DWI defense tactics that can be used in Texas that can possibly defeat the charges levied against you.

Among the successful tactics we use, are challenging the way blood and field sobriety test is conducted. Breathalyzers are another area we often challenge under Texas law. It is important that you understand that the only way we can determine if any procedures were conducted incorrectly is to examine all the details of your case.

One of the worst and most common mistakes defendants make is pleading guilty too quickly based on the results of a breath, or blood test. If any evidence is found that the breathalyzer was administered in any way improperly, or if the machine was not maintained under the guidelines, it could mean its results might be suppressed.

Top DWI attorneys in Texas are always improving strategies ofr challenging DUI arrests and have developed procedures that may prove effective in having a positive outcome for clients. Any careless or inappropriate measures or procedures the arresting officers and breathalyzer technician used, can be helpful in making the results inadmissible in court.

When you make use of our free arrest evaluation, it will help us examine the facts of your case, so we can give you feedback, and make you aware of all the options available in your specific case.

If you are looking for a DWI attorney in Houston whose focus is 100% DWI, and who has 24+ years of experience with this specific type of law give Jim Butler a call today for your free consultation.  You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.  Call right now to set up your free consultation!