How To Deal With Unjust DWI Bond Conditions

A Guide To Addressing Your DWI Bond Conditions In Houston

Our forefather so it fit to enshrine in our constitution the principle of innocent until proven guilty. However, when seeking a bond arising from a DWI case, especially here in Texas the bond conditions imposed more often than not will make you feel guilty even before the case has been determined.

Butler Law Firm | DWI Bond Conditions in Houston TexasDWI Bond Conditions

It is typical for the government to impose a certain kind of hardship, especially financial hardship as part of the DWI bond conditions. For instance, you may be required to pay:

  • Supervisory Fees
  • Assessment Fees
  • Identification Card Fees
  • Alcohol and drug testing Fees
  • Breathing monitoring device installation Fees for your home and or the car

These fees, as you can appreciate are substantial hardships. However, the hardship may be exacerbated, especially when the influence of the judge comes to the fore. In Texas, judges are elected officials, whose main mandate is to protect the interest of the public. For the most, the judges usually make decisions that reflect rationality and innately have the intention of protecting the interest of the public. However, there are other decisions that are made with a hint political correctness, thus negating fairness. As such, the court may impose conditions such as:

Additionally, the court may require that some of these mandates go on until the conclusion of the case.

That said, you should note that many of the bond conditions are without justification while others are outright illegal. It is thus important for you to have an understanding of the mandatory bond conditions and those which are not. It is also important to have an intricate understanding of the conditions that will help as the case proceeds and those that have no feasible influence on the case.

With the above in mind, you should have a Houston TX DWI attorneys who has can help you appeal against unjustifiable bond conditions while at the same time helping you meet the mandatory and helpful; bond conditions. Contact us today or call Butler Law Firm if you need help in matters of DWI bond conditions.