These DUI Myths Are Far From The Truth

Top DUI Myths Debunked

In the United States, drunk driving is a huge problem. Over a million people per year are arrested for their first DUI offense. Even though this is common, being arrested for DUI does require legal assistance.

If you are ever arrested or in trouble for suspected drunk driving, then don’t panic because it will make things worse. What you really need is legal protection you can afford, but we do what to discuss some facts about DUIs. There is a lot of info out there that is myths and facts, so keep these in mind if you are ever pulled over for drinking under the influence.

1. You Have To Take Field Sobriety Tests

The fact is you don’t have to. A police officer will likely make you feel otherwise, but it’s not true. In Texas, you’re not required to take field sobriety tests, but it is a good idea to cooperate with the police. You’ll also want to inform them that you will comply with anything you have to comply with if it’s a legal request.

2. Breathalyzers Are Accurate

They are not as reliable as many people think they are. Blood tests are the only proven way to accurately measure blood alcohol content. Breathalyzers can estimate based on alcohol on your breath, but it can still be inaccurate. Breathalyzers may be mandatory also, here soon. Not only that but the results may be false due to human error or if the device wasn’t properly calibrated.

Other factors can affect the readings too. Remember, you don’t have to take a breathalyzer, but if you go to court, then this may look like an admission of guilt. If you do take the test, it can be evidence of your guilt, even if the results are not that accurate. DUI lawyers in Houston Texas or elsewhere in Texas can help you if you have failed a Breathalyzer test and you believe it was inaccurate.

3. You Don’t Need An Attorney If Pleading Guilty

Butler Law Firm | DWI Attorney in Houston TXIt doesn’t matter what you plead, you need legal help. The laws surrounding DUIs are complicated. You don’t want to attempt to take on your case all by yourself. You might end up being hit with a harsher sentence than you would have faced if you had hired an attorney.

You might need to challenge the evidence in court and if your attorney is successful, that evidence may be tossed out or limited, but if it is overwhelming and you plead guilty, then things can become complicated. At least if you have an attorney by your side, they will work to minimize your punishment. If you were fighting on your own, you might not be able to minimize the punishment.

If you have a legal insurance plan, then this can help reduce costs associated with hiring legal counsel. Such plans can reduce the amount of stress too. If you want to learn more about the plans we provide and what these plans covered, then feel free to call or contact us as soon as possible. Do not put this off and the sooner you take action, the sooner you can be prepared in the event you’re arrested for DUI.