A Houston DUI Attorney Speaks On Pregnant Women And Babies Born With Drug Addiction

Drugs And Pregnancy Don’t Go Together

Pregnant women should be aware that anything they ingest, whether it be food, drink, or drugs, can be absorbed by their unborn child’s circulatory system via the umbilical cord. If it has an effect on how you feel, chances are your child feels it as well. This includes alcohol as well. Everything a mother does from the moment they conceive has an effect on the baby. Pregnant women have to be very cautious about their actions because everything has a consequence. One thing I like to remind pregnant women who suffer from drug addiction is to make sure not to drive when they are under the influence because not only is it dangerous but it can also be fatal.

Side note: If you’re caught driving drunk while pregnant, you will definitely need a Houston DUI attorney. The court isn’t going to give you a break because you’re pregnant. Be sure to get legal representation from Butler Law Firm.

Sadly, many babies are born with an addiction to the drug or drugs their mother took while pregnant, which causes the baby to exhibit many signs and symptoms of drug addiction after birth. Being aware of what these symptoms and signs are will hopefully encourage new mothers to get help for their addicted babies.

Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome

Much like an adult, a baby born with a drug addiction can experience withdrawal signs and symptoms when their bodies are no longer getting the drug after birth. Withdrawal symptoms in drug-addicted babies are called neonatal abstinence syndrome and often manifest themselves as tremors, tight muscles, unexplained excessive crying, and fever. It is also common for some babies to experience vomiting and diarrhea in addition to excessive sweating and unusual reflex reactions.

Common Signs

Drug-addicted infants often experience low birth weights and developmental delays in physical and mental capabilities, as well as having a higher potential for being born prematurely. A common delay experienced is their ability to properly breathe because their lungs haven’t formed correctly. This impact can be magnified due to having low blood sugar levels.

Joint Stiffness

The American Pregnancy Association has discovered that many babies born addicted to opioids like heroin can suffer from convulsions and stiff joints. Tremors are another common symptom often seen in these infants, especially in their extremities. Withdrawal from methamphetamine, another opioid, can cause muscle spasms which often result in stiff joints.

Heart Problems

More concerning is the effect drug addiction has on the cardiac system of a drug-addicted baby. These babies may exhibit signs of irregular heart rates and rhythms, a higher-than-normal heart rate(tachycardia), and high blood pressure.

Learning Disabilities

Because their brains may not develop fully or do so at a slower rate, babies who are born with a drug addiction may suffer from learning delays that can affect them throughout their entire lives, starting with the ability to crawl and walk and can even affect their learning capabilities when it comes to school. Data suggests learning disabilities and developmental capabilities will vary from infant to infant depending on the drug that was abused and how severe the drug abuse was.

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