Things To Know If You Get A DUI Or DWI

How To Approach Your DUI Or DWI

When a DWI or DUI charge happens, you might find yourself filled with doubt and uncertainty about how to react. Lots of folks make a false assumption that a DUI is little more than a traffic offense, when in fact, it is a criminal matter. Adjudication will occur in criminal court, and you will be facing either a misdemeanor or possibly a felony, not merely a traffic citation.

Things To Think About If Facing Charges Of DUI Or DWI

1. It Can Be Hard To Find The Right DUI Lawyer

Identifying the best attorney for your DUI case can be a challenge, particularly for those who have never needed one before. While some first-time offenders may try to move forward without the aid of a professional, a seasoned attorney will be able to help you through the court process and engage in plea negotiations. If you are facing a second or subsequent charge, a lawyer is certain to prove critical. Try to find a practitioner with vast experience handling DUI and DWI matters, and take the time to meet with more than one prospective attorney prior to making a choice.

2. Determine How DUI Fines And Attorney Fees Will Be Paid

There are almost sure to be two distinct expenses involved with a DUI or DWI charge. You will have to pay legal fees as well as court costs. It is important to know how you will meet both obligations. Texas imposes hefty fines for crimes of this nature, often well into the tens of thousands of dollars. Those who fail to pay these assessments may face incarceration, and therefore it is vital to do whatever is necessary to come up with the funds, even if you must go to friends and family for assistance. You can always repay a loan from such folks, but the court system is not likely to accept a promise to pay later. If you are concerned about the cost of a lawyer, discuss the situation with the practitioner you select, as he or she may be able to work out a payment plan you can handle. Legal protection plans can also be helpful when it comes to dealing with unexpected costs of this type.

Butler Law Firm | DUI Fines in Houston3. Do Your Own Research

It is important for you to know that your case is proceeding according to applicable law and that you were not wrongly arrested or accused. It can be difficult to refute DUI allegations, but there are many times in which a problem with the prosecution’s case or the evidence against you can be effectively exploited. Ultimately, the best way to fight back when charges like these arise is to secure the help of a skilled practitioner who knows this realm of the law.

The main thing to keep in mind that is that once a DUI charge is issued, you are fully immersed in the criminal court system. It is crucial that you not neglect the process of crafting a strong defense. A DUI or DWI must be taken very seriously, just as it is by the State of Texas. By preparing thoroughly and building your arguments, you will improve your chances of a positive outcome.

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