Finding The Right DUI Lawyer in Houston To Handle Your Charge

The Importance Of A Houston DUI Attorney In Handling Your Student’s Drug Possession Charge

Each and every year sees thousands of scenarios in which charges of drug possession are the result. The sad fact is that not everyone fully grasps the seriousness of the situation, even when a first offense is involved. Far too many younger individuals, especially those in college, attempt to resolve the matter without the help of a professional, perhaps in an effort to prevent their parents from learning about their criminal charges.

Regrettably, a slight lapse in judgment or having the misfortune of getting caught up with a bad crowd can have long-lasting, negative ramifications that can be difficult to overcome. Criminal records of this sort can derail plans for graduate school, professional training, and employment opportunities and may prompt expulsion from a student ‘s current educational institution. If your son or daughter in college is facing a drug possession charge, there is no room for delay in securing the guidance of a DUI lawyer in Houston who knows how to defend cases in this realm. A skilled practitioner can provide the insights and knowledge necessary for clients to make informed decisions as their matter progresses.

The good news for defendants in Texas is that there are often multiple defense strategies available in drug cases, including those related to unlawful search and seizure and problems with evidence handling after the fact of arrest. Further, Texas courts may offer valuable diversionary programs designed to help first offenders get their lives back on track.

All convictions on drug charges result in at least a 180-day suspension of a Texas driver’s license. This is true even for a paraphernalia ticket, something most would consider a minor offense. Those wishing to have their license reinstated after such a sanction will be required to complete a 15-hour, state-sanctioned drug offender education course.

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