Addressing How BAC Can Affect Your Houston DWI

Factors That Affect Blood Alcohol Content Readings

Most everyone understands that a blood alcohol content (BAC) reading will tell law enforcement officers if you have had too much to drink to legally drive. In Texas, the threshold is .08, and testing occurs if you are driving and an officer suspects that you are under the influence of alcohol. Though this sort of testing is intended to accurately assess if you are running afoul of the law, the fact is that the results can often be faulty for a number of reasons.

Butler Law Firm | BAC Limit in Houston TexasSome of the things that can impact the precision of such readings are:

Health conditions such as diabetes, as those with such a diagnosis, may suffer from ketoacidosis, ultimately interfering with any test meant to measure ethyl alcohol in the breath.

Medications, even those that are legally prescribed, can contain some level of alcohol, and skew results upward to a degree of 10 percent.

Hidden environmental elements such as paint thinner and other substances can also provide inaccurate readings.

Gender and weight can impact readings in that those who are underweight are able to achieve a lesser degree of dilution of alcohol. Females also have a smaller amount of water with which to dilute alcohol than men do, not to mention a lower level of metabolizing enzymes.

Clearly, testing of this type can be grossly inaccurate in all sorts of ways. Should you suspect that BAC testing to which you were subjected was dangerously imprecise, you may have a strong argument for the dismissal or reduction of criminal charges against you. A Houston TX DWI lawyer can help determine your chance of success.

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