What To Do After You Have Received A DWI Charge In Houston

Take These Actions After a Houston DWI Charge

Being charged with a DWI charge can be stressful, confusing, and upsetting, especially if this is the first time it’s happened to you. However, although it is an intense time, there are some important steps for you to take immediately after a DWI charge that may dramatically improve the outcome of the situation.

Although many individuals are resigned to the idea that there’s no way they can fight the charge, this isn’t the time to give up. The moments immediately following your arrest, instead, are a vital time to take important steps to defend your future and to do everything that you possibly can to limit the potential impact of a DWI conviction, which can be devastating.

After you’ve followed the recommendations that we offer on what you should do if you’re stopped for a DWI, as well as our advice for refusing any DWI testing, you should take these steps after your charge:

Keep notes of everything that occurs. Although it’s normal to be overwhelmed, it’s critical that you write down every detail that you can remember about what has happened to you. It’s commonly said that a DWI case is won or lost based on the details, and even the tiniest, most trivial detail may impact the outcome of your case. You will be surprised at what you may be unable to remember even after only a few days, so be sure to note as much as you’re able to about these things:

  • Where were you and when was when the arrest happened?
  • What questions were you asked at the time?
  • How did you respond to these questions?
  • Did you have a breath test, and how was it administered to you?
  • What did the testing device look like?
  • What field sobriety tests were given?
  • How were they conducted and what were the results?

It’s vital that you draw up a version of what you remember from beginning to end and share it only with your attorney.

Gather Witnesses

The prosecution may be gathering witnesses to help build a case against you, so you’ll need to take time to do the same thing. If there was anyone in your car, if you spent time with anyone before you were arrested, if anyone witnessed the event in question, or if you have anyone who can give a character testimony, they may be needed for trial. Ask them if they can write down notes with as many details as they can remember, as soon as they can, and get this information to your attorney.

Call a Lawyer

DWI cases can be stressful and difficult, but they’re not impossible. You’ll need a skilled attorney in your corner who regularly handles situations like yours, has a record of success, and can help you build a strong case.

Don’t Stress

As tough as it can be to face a DWI charge, it’s important to avoid making rash decisions based on stress. Instead, let your attorney build a plan and then follow their guidance. Rest assured that they know the best process to help you achieve the results that you need for your case, and can use their skills to help you get there.

Learn from Your Experience

No matter what’s happened or whether you feel the charge was justified or not, it’s vital that you learn from what you’ve gone through. A DWI conviction may have major consequences, but getting another or even a third can ruin your life.

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