How To Prevent Your Houston TX License From Being Suspended Following A DUI By Hiring A DUI Attorney

How An Attorney Can Help To Prevent Your Driver’s License Being Suspended Following A DUI

Driving under the influence charge, from intoxication by drugs or alcohol, can result in significant criminal penalties if you are convicted. They include fees and fines, court-order education classes, probation, community service, and potential imprisonment terms, depending on the specific situation. However, along with criminal penalties, convicted people also are faced with significant consequences regarding their driver’s licenses. A driver who is convicted of a DUI charge may face a revocation or suspension of their driver’s license. Working with an experienced DUI attorney in Houston TX who works on fighting both the revocation/suspension DMV administrative hearings and criminal allegations can provide you with the representation and support that you need so that your driving privileges are protected.

How A Houston DUI Attorney Will Try To Protect Your Ability To Drive And Fight For Your License

  • Take Action Immediately Following A DUI Arrest

Whenever a client visits us as soon as possible following a DUI arrest, we immediately set to work and start to take the steps to help protect their driver’s license. That includes making sure that they appropriately get the process started of requesting a hearing with the DMV during the strict 10-day timeframe that followed their arrest. That is a critical part of protecting their driver’s license, and it can be done only when a defendant takes action immediately and contacts us. If you are looking to hire a lawyer, consider a DUI attorney from Butler Law Firm.

  • Hardship Or Temporary Licenses After A DUI Arrest

Many individuals need to drive still to get to and from work and manage life’s daily demands. While a person’s case and hearing are pending still, we help a client understand whether or not they will be able to drive a vehicle during the interim. This might involve having a temporary license, or they might be able to get a hardship license or agree to use an Ignition Interlock Device which enables them to drive only for limited reasons, or if they have to avoid driving altogether and find other options so that they don’t risk additional charges or further complications to their case. This type of counsel is invaluable for individuals who are trying to stay out of trouble and need to drive.

  • Hearing Representation

Unlike a criminal proceeding, DMV hearings don’t deal with determining whether or not you have committed a crime. The only concern here is whether or not you were in violation of the vehicle code and were impaired while driving. Our attorneys are skilled and experienced with these administrative hearings and can provide evidence and a strong defense, as well as the counsel that our clients need to represent them before the DMV, review their officers’ testimony and arrest, and work to get a favorable decision on the suspension of their driver’s license. Without having representation at one of these hearings, often a driver will not know how the process works and won’t know what needs to be presented so that their driving privileges can be protected.

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