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How Can I Sober Up Quickly? What Isn’t And What Is Dangerous? – Our Houston DWI Lawyer Explains

There are numerous people who would like to know how to quickly sober up. An internet search offers many recommendations. However, which of those are merely myths? Recommendations on the internet on how to quickly sober up include drinking black strong coffee. Another thing that is frequently recommended is to take a cold shower. Many websites propose that you drink plenty of water. Another proposal is to do something to make you sweat. That is “sweat the alcohol out” of your bloodstream.

The following are other recommendations from the internet:

  • Take a commercial pill that is designed for speeding up your metabolism
  • Massage your feet and hands
  • Smoke tobacco
  • Slap your face
  • Take a multi-vitamin
  • Vomit
  • Breathe in the fresh air
  • Eat

However, which of these are just myths, and which ones actually work? Let’s take a closer look at some of these tips.

Drink Coffee.

Many beverages contain caffeine including coffee and tea. However, caffeine doesn’t break down alcohol or help our bodies with metabolizing it. It does help to make you feel alert. But you are just as impaired and intoxicated. That feeling might fool you into thinking that you are safe to drive. Therefore drinking alcohol is ineffective and there can be very dangerous consequences to doing it.

Take A Cold Shower.

That doesn’t do anything to reduce your blood alcohol concentration (BAC). It might make you more alert briefly, but you will still be just as impaired. It could cause some individuals to suffer a hair attack, go into shock, or have other serious medical issues. One website even recommends alternating hot and cold showers. That would increase medical risks greatly.

Drink Plenty Of Water.

Alcohol will dehydrate you. Drinking water may reduce a hangover’s effects. But when it comes to getting sober it is useless.

Get Some Fresh Air.

Fresh air can help you feel better. However, it doesn’t impact your BAC level.


Vomiting doesn’t impact the alcohol level that is in your bloodstream already.


Sweating, from either a sauna or exercise, doesn’t impact your sobering rate.


When you eat while you drink it can help to reduce alcohol absorption into the bloodstream. But after alcohol has entered into the bloodstream, eating doesn’t have any effect on it.

Slapping Your Face.

Getting slapped is ineffective as well as painful. It can make you more alert temporarily. But you will stay just as drunk nonetheless.

Take a multivitamin.

When a multivitamin is taken it doesn’t impact your BAC level.

In Conclusion

Although taking a commercial pill that is made to speed your metabolism up may seem to be reasonable. However, those products are not tested by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). Those who sell unregulated products make claims about their effectiveness that are unsupported. There is no evidence at all that help us with sobering up. So save your money and don’t buy these types of products.

So all of these are myths. All other recommendations on the internet to sober up quickly are myths as well. The only thing that will sober up an individual is time. We cannot speed time up. Be very careful about any advice you get on the Internet. It is especially important when it comes to health issues. Be very careful about advice posted on the Internet. There are Pages online about sobering up that are full of misleading and false claims. Some recommendations are dangerous. Any time you are in doubt, just ask your doctor. It is easy to calculate the amount of time that is needed for reducing your BAC. It is the same thing for almost everybody. Race, sex, weight, height, and other such characteristics do not matter. Blood alcohol concentration (BAC) does reduce every hour at a .015 rate. So an individual who has a really high BAC level of .15 won’t have any amount of alcohol that is measurable within the bloodstream after ten hours. This is due to the fact that when .15 is divided by .015 is 10. It is very important to know that BAC can continue increasing for some time following the final drink.

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