What kind of cars are attorneys driving in Bellaire, TX?

What Lawyers in Bellaire, TX Are Driving A Majority Of The Time

Cars that attorneys drive say a lot about the attorney and how “successful” they are. This is a superficial statement but sometimes it is true. Research has shown that people in professions such as law and medicine have some type of cars that they drive and even the homes they live in. For an attorney, your car should be able to ignite confidence and give an aura of success in winning the cases brought to you. However, some clients prefer people who are down to earth. Having a very expensive ride like a Ferrari can keep some clients off because they would think that you charge too much for them to afford you. Having a jalopy will also keep some people off because they might think that you do not make much money because you don’t win any cases. So what cars are most attorneys driving in Bellaire, TX?

Infiniti Q70 – Infiniti makes cars that are very luxurious, sleek and classy but do not tell people so much about how expensive you are as a lawyer. This is because of the Infiniti brand that is not very renowned like Mercedes or BMW. This, however, does not mean that you are getting a junk car. The Infiniti Q70 was designed as an answer to some expensive Mercedes and BMW models like the Mercedes E-class. It is a sedan that offers a really luxurious interior, enough room, comfort, safety, a sleek exterior and good mileage.

Toyota Camry – If you want to show functionality in your career then this is the car for you. It looks just like any other car on the road and this means that people can relate to you more as a lawyer. The Camry is pleasant, offers good mileage and it says that you are a practical person. The Camry also keeps a good appeal over the years.

Mercedes E300 – Mercedes is a car that speaks class and success. It is German made and a renowned brand with making high end spec vehicles. The E300 comes with highly innovative technology and has a luxurious interior.

Honda CRV – this is a compact SUV that is made by Honda. The SUV provides good room and a lot of space for the entire family when you have to use the car to carry your family around. It is also very affordable and does not look ostentatious.

Lexus RX350 – lawyers have been known to drive the Lexus cars for so many years. The RX350 is also a compact SUV that offers a two-row seating that is roomy and luxurious. This SUV provides good mileage and has very good innovations and technology.

There are many other vehicles that the lawyers in Bellaire are driving but this are some of the most driven.