Knowing How To Prepare Your Car For A Holiday Road Trip

Helpful Tips To Preparing Your Car

The holidays are upon us, now is the right time to get the family car ready for holiday trips and gift-delivery. By observing simple maintenance tasks now, you can avoid stress-filled journeys during the winter holidays.

First Check The Holiday Lights

Go around your car and confirm that all lights are in proper functioning condition. Check flashers, brake lights, direction lights, license plate light, and high and low beams.

Are You Wipers Okay?

If your wiper blades have served you for long as you can remember, it is recommended that you replace them. In our tests, we have discovered that even the best-in-class blades with excellent performance wear out in under six months. Signs of trouble include; missed spots, tears, cracks, and streaking. Get an instant installation for free – most are free – at your nearest auto store.

DUI Helpful Ideas in HoustonReplenish Your Washer Fluid

A single long journey, on slushy, salt-covered motorways can demand a large quantity of washer fluid to maintain the windshield clear, running out of this fluid during a stormy and dark night can be a nightmare. Ensure you have a spare gallon in the trunk. If temperatures get extremely low on your travels, use washer fluid combined with an antifreeze agent.

Keep The Engine Cool In The Cold

Mechanical components can be susceptible to harm from very low temperatures. Examine the heater hoses and radiator for leaks and cracks. When squeezed, the hoses ought to be firm but pliable. Usually, the antifreeze mixture should be replaced after every two years to avoid corrosion build up. You must take care of your car now if the service is needed.

Inspect The Battery

At zero degrees Fahrenheit, your battery produces 50% of the cranking power it can deliver at 80 degrees. Remember, as batteries age, they lose their strength, so take precautions. Many auto-repair shops or stores will check your battery for no charge. If your battery needs a replacement, read our car battery reviews and buying recommendations.

Check & Maintain Your Tire Pressure

Underinflated tires lead to poor braking and unsafe handling. Always have a tire gauge in your car, and check the pressure on all your car tires monthly and before any traveling. Get the correct pressure level from your driver’s doorjamb or owner’s manual.

Consider Winter Tires

If you think you might cross the path of a snowstorm, consider purchasing a set of high-quality all-weather tires or if possible four winter tires. These tires are designed using special rubber compounds and feature tread patterns that enhance the grip on snow and ice. Browse our comprehensive tire ratings and purchase recommendations.

Be Ready!

Lastly, be equipped with fundamental basic items in case you experience trouble. Have a flashlight, cell phone and charger, fire extinguisher, first-aid kit, jumper cables, warning flares or lights, and adequate clothing including gloves and a hat.

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