Butler Law Firm Scholarship Jim Butler is one of the few attorneys in Houston whose focus is exclusively on DWI defense. During his more than 24+ years as a DWI/DUI criminal defense attorney, Jim Butler has helped hundreds of clients avoid the jail time and hefty fines associated with these charges. He is a certified field sobriety test instructor and he remains up-to-date on all the new tools and methods used to evaluate DWI’s. Jim believes that DWI laws are good laws that should be enforced; however, he also believes that many innocent people are needlessly arrested.

Scholarship Eligibility

We accept scholarship applications any student who has successfully enrolled in the fall semester and has at least 1 more year left before obtaining their degree. Our scholarship doesn’t have any age restrictions of any sort.

We have intentionally kept the qualification minimum so that we are able to open the doors of the scholarship to as many students as we can.

Ways to Apply

Anyone desiring to apply to our scholarship ought to provide their application directly to our email. Your application should include, no less than a 1000 word essay on how alcohol affects college students, and the detriments it can have on a person’s life. We expect factual data cited, as well as the physical attributes that this can have not only on the body, but also the long term effects of alcohol abuse.

All applications can be submitted throughout the school year, since this award is annual in character.

Our scholarship is granted each semester, and we take applications in a continuous process for the following year. Please submit your application now.

Choice And Notification Procedure

When the selection staff reviewing the applications make their selection, the winner will be contacted immediately, employing any contact information offered by the applicant in the time of their entry.


Our scholarship of $500 is then submitted to 1 student.  All applications for scholarships should be sent to [email protected], and put the subject of the email as “Butler Law Firm Scholarship”, For those who have questions concerning our scholarship, please contact us via email @ [email protected].