A DWI Attorney In Houston Covers 10 Ways To Prevent Drunk Driving During Spring Break

Tips On How To Avoid Spring Break Drunk Driving By A DWI Attorney In Houston

When the spring is upon us once more, it’s important to take stock of safe driving tips. That’s especially true for young drivers currently taking time off from school. Many college-age (and sadly, high school age) students will likely be enjoyed drinks before they get behind the wheel. Trouble is sure to follow. While you may be able to rely upon a DWI attorney Houston residents recommend, it’s best to avoid the hassle if possible. After being generally cooped up for months, March brings on all sorts of celebrations. St. Patrick’s Day and spring break are just two of the biggest examples. There’s an awful lot of partying that goes on. Sadly, drunk driving tends to follow suit. This is just as big of a problem in Texas as anywhere else. There have been a lot of efforts put forward to raise awareness of the issue, however. The statistics should be enough to scare anyone away from getting behind the wheel when intoxicated. The state often sees over 20,000 annual DWI related crashes. Death tolls have reached the thousands as well, and injuries are understandably common. More than half of these incidents tend to involve young drivers.

Here’s how you can avoid having to deal with a Houston DWI attorney:

1 – Abstain From Drinking

Perhaps it sounds like “no fun”, but you should just avoid alcohol altogether if you know you have to drive later. There’s a lot of pressure to drink socially at parties, but it can easily lead to disaster. Every group needs someone sober to be a designated driver anyway. Why not be the responsible one and avoid trouble for everyone involved?

2 – Don’t Get Behind The Wheel Drunk

It couldn’t be any easier. Even after only a few sips, you could still be affected enough to impair your driving ability. It is easier to not drive if you know you are drunk then to have to deal with potential repercussions.

3 – Leave Your Vehicle

Leave your vehicle somewhere safe and use public transport or a cab to get around. This way, you won’t be compelled to get behind the wheel.

4 – Never Let Your Friends Drive Drunk

You should also be on the lookout for your friends. Anyone that’s been drinking needs to avoid operating a vehicle at all costs.

5 – Determine How You’re Getting Home Early On

If you plan to drink, you need to know exactly how you’re getting home instead of driving yourself. Make a plan and follow it.

6 – Have Someone Pick You Up

Arrange to have family members or friends to pick you up, preferably at a previously arranged time. You can also call someone if necessary.

7 – Stay Put

If you can stay overnight at your current location, do so! Look for a hotel or motel nearby if not. It may sting to be away from the comfort of home the next morning if you’re hungover, but it beats the alternative.

8 – Just Host The Party Yourself

If you’re determined to get into the party mood, you can stay safest if you’re the host. While this is a sigh of relief for you personally, you’ll have to make sure your guests are safe, however. Offer to have anyone without safe travel accommodations stay over if you can. You might want to make sure there’s a spare bed available, or plenty of extra pillows and sheets for people to crash in the living room if needed.

9 – Arrange Public Transport For Everyone Else

Public transportation trips with a group of friends can be quite an adventure. If you can meet up with everyone at a nearby bus station, you’ll be able to get to and from your party location without worry of anyone feeling compelled to drive themselves home later. If you stick together, you’ll also be able to keep everyone in check a bit more easily.

10 – Take A Pass

It may also be best to simply opt out of the party atmosphere altogether. It may seem appealing at the moment, but there are plenty of reasons to just enjoy a quiet evening to yourself instead. If you refrain from partying at all, you can catch up with hobbies, go on a date instead, or literally anything else.

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