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What Is The Difference Between DUI And DWI In Texas?

Do you know what separates a DWI from a DUI in the eyes of the law of Texas? You are already likely familiar with the terms DWI and DUI, which respectively stand for ‘driving while intoxicated’ and ‘driving under the influence. However, do you truly comprehend the similarities and differences between these terms? In the state of Texas, a DWI or DUI might be a reference to an individual who is operating any vehicle while intoxicated, which is a state of not possessing or using normal physical and mental faculties because a drug or alcohol was introduced. Are you facing either one of these charges in the Lone Star State? Do you know what impact this can have on your life? Texas does make certain distinctions between these two charges, and as a consequence, there are different defense strategies for each situation. At our law firm, we’ve spent decades safeguarding the rights of our clients facing charges of drunk driving. As a result of our experience, we have a robust understanding of the state laws which cover instances of drunk driving, and our Houston DUI attorneys strive to contain the possible impact on the lives of our clients. bet sportfogadás

DWI Offenses In Houston, Texas

If you’re facing a DWI offense, you’ve been charged with driving while intoxicated. You need to understand just how serious this charge is. You should look for a Houston attorney who specifically handles only DWI offenses. If you get found guilty, then the repercussions can be quite severe. tippmix eredmények foci mai Such potential consequences include fall out with your family, incarceration, getting terminated from your employment, and seeing your driver’s license suspended or revoked. élő tippmix If you are facing a DWI, email or call us right away. We have attorneys specializing in DWI cases with decades of experience. Your DWI arrest is just the start of a longer process. Getting charged with a specific crime doesn’t actually determine what your final income is. Such a legal matter winds up involving many technical issues, covering loss of license, incarceration, fines, and conviction, and none of these steps or developments ever prove automatic. If you want the greatest possibility of a good resolution, then it’s crucial that you have a veteran Houston DUI attorney on your side so you can navigate the legal process in a way that properly protects your interests and rights.

Driver’s Age Matters When Comparing A DUI & A DWI

A primary difference between a DWI and a DUI is the driver’s age. In the realm of Texas law, any person 21 or older operating a vehicle while legally intoxicated can face a DWI charge. Legal intoxication here is defined as a breath or blood alcohol concentration of .08 or impairment by drugs. Alternatively, someone pulled over with any level of alcohol in their system under the age of 21 will face a charge of DUI. It won’t legally be relevant whether or not this minor had enough alcohol in their system to be impaired. Texas drivers under the age of 21 are not legally allowed to drive with any levels of detectable alcohol in their system. The state of Texas has a zero-tolerance policy in regards to this. Crucially, anyone under 21 years of age can still face a DWI charge, provided their breath or blood alcohol concentration is in excess of .08 BAC.

Different Penalties Can Be Imposed

DUI and DWI offenses also have different potential penalties that can be imposed. Someone with a first-ever DWI offense might see a fine as much as $2,000, loss of their driver’s license for 12 months, annual fees up to $2,000 to retain their license for three years, and jail sentences ranging from 3 days to half a year. Alternatively, if a minor gets stopped for drinking and driving, they might be fined up to $500, face a two-month driver’s license suspension, required alcohol-awareness education, and between 20 and 40 hours of community service. Subsequent offenses might see an increase in the severity of the penalties for either DUI or DWI. Finding the right Houston DUI attorney to answer your questions is crucial if you have any concerns regarding underage DWI or DUI cases in the state of Texas.

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A Butler Law Firm DUI Attorney Covers The Top 7 Illegal Driving Habits You Should Avoid In Houston

Houston DUI Attorney: Seven Potentially Illegal Activities That You Should Avoid While Driving

1. Texting Or Talking On A Mobile Phone

When you hear an alert on your phone, it is only natural to want to check it right away. Despite the temptation, you should never use your phone while you are behind the wheel. افلام سباق السيارات Incidents of distracted driving as a result of mobile devices are on the rise. In fact, the problem is so bad that Washington recently introduced a new regulation known as driving under the influence of electronics (DUI-E) to try to stop drivers from partaking in this dangerous habit. To stay safe on the road and to avoid causing accidents, never use your phone when you are driving. A good rule of thumb is that you should switch your phone to airplane mode any time you get behind the wheel. The last thing that you want is to have to hire a DUI attorney in Houston after getting pulled over for distracted driving. Texting and driving have high risks of car accidents especially if you are driving under the influence.

2. Wearing Headphones While Driving

When you are driving, it is extremely important to be able to hear what is happening around you. From other drivers honking at you to emergency vehicles approaching, there are a lot of auditory cues that can help keep you safe on the road. Wearing headphones can interfere with your ability to hear, keeping you from picking up on these sounds. The problem is so serious that some states have even made it illegal.

3. Driving Too Close Or Tailgating Other Vehicles

If you aren’t watching the road carefully enough, you may wind up following the vehicle in front of you too closely. Known as tailgating, this practice is illegal in many places. You should adjust your following distance based on the speed that you are traveling at and the overall conditions of the road. betfinal casino

4. Failing To Signal When Switching To Another Lane

Any time you change lanes, you need to remember to signal. It is the only way that other drivers on the road will know what you intend to do. No matter how many or how few cars are on the road, you always need to signal. Even though this is one infraction that you probably won’t get pulled over for, it is still a good habit to get into. It is a lot easier to avoid accidents when you let other drivers know what you are doing. مواقع تقبل الدفع paypal If you believe you have a DUI case please contact an attorney at the Butler Law Firm for help.

5. Driving Too Fast

When you are in a hurry, it is only natural to put the pedal to the metal. Unfortunately, speeding is extremely dangerous. All that you have to do is look at the numbers. In 2015, for instance, 27% of car-accident-related fatalities were the result of speeding. No matter where you are trying to go, it isn’t worth driving faster than the speed limit to get there.

6. Failing To Turn On Your Headlights

Turning on your headlights after dark is a no-brainer. There are other situations, however, where it may also be beneficial to use them. For instance, when the light starts to fade as the sun goes down or when clouds moved in and make it a lot darker outside, headlights can make your vehicle easier to see on the road. They can also help illuminate the road in front of you. It is always best to err on the side of caution and turn on your headlights anytime you think you may need them. If you need legal representation for getting a DUI under the age of 21, reach out to our law firm.

7. Failing To Wear Your Seatbelt

The percentage of drivers who use seatbelts is relatively high, exceeding 90% of drivers. However, there are still as many as 27 million people in the United States who fail to wear a seatbelt. When you consider how effective seatbelts are at saving lives, it is hard to understand why people don’t buckle up. No matter how long you are planning on being in your vehicle, it is worth taking a second to strap in before you go.

8. DUI & Thinking You’re Okay To Drive

Many people think that they are not “that” intoxicated so they get behind the wheel and put their lives at risks. Have somebody drive you to your destination. Do not get behind the wheel and potentially hurt others.

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A DWI Lawyer In Houston Talks About 6 Ways You Can Be A Good Passenger While Traveling In A Car

DWI Houston Lawyer: How To Be A Great Passenger When Traveling By Car

When it comes to safety on the road, most of the attention is focused on the driver. In fact, however, the person riding in the front seat next to the driver also plays a key role in staying safe on the road. Below are some helpful tips on how to be a great passenger so that you get to your destination without running into any problems along the way.

1. Don’t Mess With The Heater Or Air Conditioner

When it comes to how warm or cool the car is, the decision should rest with the driver. Avoid the temptation to mess with the air conditioner or heater while the vehicle is in motion. tippmix sportfogadás This can create a major distraction that draws the driver’s attention away from the road. A better option is to plan ahead. If you tend to get too chilly when the air conditioner is running, pack a lightweight sweater along with you. Alternatively, if you tend to get hot easily, make sure that you dress appropriately, wearing clothes that allow your skin to breathe. You can also take advantage of the vent controls, closing any vents on your side of the vehicle that are causing you to be uncomfortable.

2. Listen To Whatever Music The Driver Prefers

One long-standing rule of the road is that that driver gets to choose the music. Even if you hate whatever music the driver has chosen, you shouldn’t change the station. If the music is too loud or if you can’t hear it, you can ask if you can adjust the volume. house of fun™ nyerőgépes kaszinójátékot Be sure to do it yourself rather than having them do it so that they can keep their focus on the road. Just remember – you will eventually get to your destination. In the meantime, try to keep an open mind and appreciate the music even if it doesn’t fit with your personal tastes. Make sure that the music is not so loud because this can be very distracting to the driver. If you find yourself to need legal representation, contact a DWI Houston lawyer at the Butler Lawfirm.

3. Try Not To Fall Asleep

Even though you aren’t driving, you should still try to stay awake during your trip. Part of your job as a passenger is to talk to the driver and keep them engaged. This is especially essential after dark when the driver may be more likely to fall asleep behind the wheel. When you are awake, you can assist with tasks like changing the music, watching for road signs, or keeping an eye out for wildlife lurking on the side of the road. Try drinking coffee or some other type of caffeine-laden drink to give yourself a boost if you find that you get sleepy when you are in a vehicle.

4. Share The Armrest

Typically, the driver’s seat and the passenger’s seat are separated by an armrest. Avoid elbowing your way in and taking over the armrest. Instead, allow the driver to use it if they need it. The same goes for the cup holders in the center console. Make sure that you don’t use more than one of the cup holders for your beverage. Otherwise, the driver won’t have anywhere to put their drink of choice. Speaking of drinking, never allow someone to drive a vehicle when they are intoxicated. Even if they have had as little as one or two drinks, it still may be enough to leave them legally impaired. The last thing that you want is to have to contact a DWI Houston lawyer for help. If you have a DWI case or think you do, make sure to reach out immediately.

5. Provide Directions If Necessary

When you are passing through unfamiliar territory, it is easy to get lost – particularly your GPS device isn’t working correctly. As the passenger, you should be ready and able to provide directions if needed. Familiarize yourself with the route ahead of time. Additionally, keep your cell phone charged so that you can use it to look up directions if you need to.

6. Prevent Driver From Getting A DWI

Do not get in a car, truck, or any vehicle with anybody who you think may be intoxicated or under the influence even if it is just a tad bit. Driving drunk is the reason so many innocent people die each year in vehicle accidents. legjobb nyerőgépes online kaszinók magyarországon Be responsible and take a ride from Lyft or an Uber to prevent yourself or anybody else from getting hurt or even taking part in fatal accidents. Safety is always the priority for every passenger in the car.

For more information on ways, you can prevent getting a ticket, check out our DWI Houston lawyer blog. You can also contact the Butler Lawfirm by calling us today if you are in need of legal advice for your case, or representation.

Finding You The Right DWI Attorney In Houston Texas

3 Tips For Choosing The Best Houston DWI Attorney

Have you recently been charged with a DWI in Houston, Texas? This is an unfortunate event that can severely impact y our finances, your future employment, and may even lead to jail time. It’s in your best interest to find the best Houston DWI attorney to assist you with your court case. Here are three tips that will help you choose the right lawyer for the job.

1. Know What Your Options Are.

There’s nothing fun about being charged with a DUI. It’s only natural to want to get the process over with as quickly as possible. Even so, you need to stop and take the time to consider all of your possible options. The last thing that you want to do is rush into a poor decision.

At some point, the Administrative License Revocation Program (ALR Program) will send you a letter with a suspension notice for your license. You will then have a total of 15 days to assess your options and choose a course of action. It’s a good idea to use this time wisely and learn as much as possible about your options.

You should use that time to contact local attorneys in the Houston area. Discuss the case with several different attorneys, listen to their advice, and compare what they have to say. Your goal should be to have the best possible legal defense by the end of those 15 days. That may require requesting referrals, reading online reviews, and creating a list of possible attorneys.

2. Don’t Fall For Marketing Hype.

Butler Law Firm | The Right Houston DWI AttorneyBusinesses need marketing to succeed. Unfortunately, many take it too far and advertise bold claims that they know aren’t exactly true. This is true for many different markets, including DWI and DUI lawyers. Many will claim that they are DWI specialists with all of the experience and training needed to win your case.

In reality, those lawyers may not have the skills needed to defend you at all. Some of them make money simply by moving clients through the system regardless of the outcome of the case. Such lawyers certainly don’t care for your interests.

Does that mean there are no true DWI/DUI specialists in Houston? Absolutely not. As you spend your time speaking with various attorneys you will come to find those who really are specialists the field of DWI/DUI law. Those are the lawyers you want to add to your list for further consideration. كاس امم اوروبا 2024 But how can you tell the difference between the two?

A good indication of true specialist is when the lawyer mounts their own investigation into the case. This is something that a DWI specialist who cares about your defense will always do. On the other hand, if they are just a law firm with a savvy marketing team, then they likely won’t spend money investigating the case. You should ask them if they plan to investigate the case and use that information to determine their true intention.

There are other factors to look for as well. For example, a true DWI/DUI specialist will handle primarily cases that relate to their specialization and do so on a consistent basis. Having handled a few similar cases in the past doesn’t make a lawyer an expert or a specialist. Such lawyers can easily become overwhelmed by the complexity and constantly changing nature of DWI law.

Gauge the experience of the lawyer by asking them about their experience with cases similar to yours. العاب حقيقية How many similar cases have they handled in the last 12 months? شيش لعبه What is their overall success rate for DWI cases? And find out if they are certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. The best Houston DWI attorney will have a lot of experience, a high success rate, and the needed certification.

This brings up the third tip, which is all about asking questions.

3. Get Answers To The Important Questions.

You need to get answers to the important questions before signing any deals with a lawyer. Your future is at stake so don’t feel at all shy about asking a stream of questions. Here are a few that you should consider asking any potential lawyer.

Do you have experience handling these types of cases in Texas?

It’s always a good idea to work with an experienced attorney. And that doesn’t just mean an attorney with experience in general. This is a DWI case, which means you want a lawyer who has experience with other DWI cases. They should handle similar cases every month.

Are you going to conduct an investigation?

This question was briefly touched on earlier, but it’s important enough for a second reminder. A DWI specialist with your interest at heart will definitely launch their own private investigation into the case. If they don’t, then they are likely more worried about their profit margin than your legal defense.

Do you foresee any difficulties with the case?

DWI law is extremely complex and is often changing. You need to do your best to work with the attorney and provide any documents they need. If they foresee any potential difficulties, then try to work with them to find potential solutions. You don’t want to find yourself working against your attorney while they are trying to protect you.

Are you going to handle the case yourself?

It’s not uncommon for large law firms to use different lawyers than the one whom you actually spoke to. While this isn’t always a bad thing itself, it’s important that you know this beforehand. You will want to find out about the attorney who will actually handle your case and their expertise. The same rules apply to that attorney as would any other attorney you interview.

Getting The Help You Deserve.

While it’s certainly easier than defending yourself in court, choosing the best Houston DWI attorney is still a difficult task. Use the three tips and additional questions above to make the process as easy as possible. Contact our office today to speak with a local DWI lawyer about your case.

Butler Law Firm Addresses DWI Lookback Periods

Understanding A DWI Lookback Period In Texas

Butler Law Firm | DWI Lookback Period In HoustonWhen an individual is convicted of a DWI in the state of Texas, it is going to leave a negative mark on their driving record as well as a criminal record. There are many companies that will not hire an individual who has a criminal record or a DWI. If the DWI was labeled as a felony, it is going to put the individual at more of a disadvantage of finding work and even housing, as many landlords will not rent to convicted felons.

With so much negativity surrounding a DWI, one must ask themselves, when will the DWI be removed from my record? Unfortunately, in the state of Texas, there is no such thing as a lookback period. In fact, a previous DWI conviction will always be looked into if a new DWI charge is created. An example of this is an individual can be arrested for a second DWI in 2017 and ten years from now they can be convicted of a third DWI, even though a considerable amount of time has passed.

Knowing that a DWI is never going to disappear from your record it is essential that you fight hard if you have been accused of a DWI. There are going to be times when only a DWI attorney Houston TX is going to be able to stop a permanent mark from being applied to your record

Is It Possible To Get A DWI Conviction Expunged?

In Texas, they will allow certain criminal records to be sealed or expunged. However, in the case of a DWI conviction, it is a permanent situation and will never be expunged. As you can see, this is one of the reasons you must fight a conviction aggressively. However, if an individual was arrested for a DWI but never charged or the charges were dismissed, it may be possible to have that arrest expunged from your record. ألعاب لربح المال In addition, expungement is available for low-level alcohol-related misdemeanors, just keep in mind, not for the majority of DWI offenses. It is best to bring all legal questions to a DWI attorney in Houston to find out if expungement would be possible after an arrest and if it would help with any subsequent convictions.

An option is record sealing which would help to prevent the escalation of any DWI conviction in the state of Texas. Once a record has been sealed, it is much more difficult for a third party to gain access to your file without a court order or warrant. استراتيجيات الروليت It is essential to know that any law enforcement agency will be able to view your arrest and driving record, which means that an officer will be able to tell if you have had a previous DWI regardless of a sealed record. However, there are many benefits with a sealed record, so it is best to consider talking over the situation with a DWI lawyer. العاب النت الحقيقيه

We Focus On DWI Defense

One of the most important aspects after a DWI defense is to align yourself with an attorney that is only focused on DWI. If you have been arrested for a DWI, it is essential that you turn to the best Houston Texas DWI attorney for legal protection Our goal is to have all the charges against you dismissed which means you will never have to worry about anything being tied to your permanent record. Of course, we will need to discuss the specifics of your case and create an optimal defense strategy for you. Do not wait until it is too late, contact us today or call Butler Law Firm and allow us to begin fighting for your rights.

Butler Law Firm Educates On Texas DWI Law

What You Need To Know About Texas DWI Laws

According to the Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT), there are three people killed or injured every hour as a result of a drunk driving accident in Texas. The high number of intoxicated driving incidents and the dangers involved when someone is driving while intoxicated have resulted in Texas implementing some of the most restrictive DWI laws in the United States. If you have been arrested and charged with a DWI and believe the charges are unwarranted, it is important that you become knowledgeable on Texas DWI laws since they will be critical to the success of your case. It is also a good idea to hire a qualified Houston DWI lawyer to help with your case.

Texas Limits For Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC)

Butler Law Firm | Texas DWI LawUnder Texas law, any driver of a passenger vehicle with a BAC of 0.08% or higher is considered to be legally intoxicated. Even if a person appears to be completely in control of their actions, thoughts or motor skills, if their BAC exceeds the minimum limit, they cannot operate a vehicle. If the person is operating a commercial vehicle, their BAC must not exceed 0.04%. This lower minimum represents the State’s belief that operating a commercial vehicle requires greater focus and skill than operating a standard automobile. If the driver is under age 21, they may be considered legally intoxicated if their BAC exceeds 0.00%. The laws in Texas are among the strictest in the country and the state is very serious about stopping anyone who is driving while legally intoxicated. With the intense effort in Texas to solve the DWI problem, a law enforcement officer may stop and arrest someone for a DWI without administering a BAC test to prove they are legally intoxicated. 888 poker If the driver exhibits any driving behaviors which law enforcement deems dangerous and has any detectable amount of drugs or alcohol in their system, they can be pulled over and arrested for a DWI. This law can lead to unlawful arrests for DWI, but it takes a Houston DWI lawyer to evaluate the evidence and the case and make that determination. الدومينو

DWI Penalties In Texas

In Texas, if you are convicted of a DWI, it is considered a Class B misdemeanor most of the time. This assumes the offender has not been convicted of a DWI in the past and there were no injuries from the DWI accident. If the circumstances of the DWI incident warrant it, the DWI classification can be upgraded to a Class A misdemeanor, or if serious enough, a felony.

If you are convicted of a DWI in Texas, you face several possible penalties:

  • Extensive prison or jail sentences
  • Fees and fines that can reach into the thousands of dollars
  • Installation of an ignition interlock device
  • Revocation or suspension of the driver’s license
  • Mandatory alcohol or drug abuse rehabilitation treatments
  • DWI safety and education courses
  • Increases in auto insurance
  • Community service

Texas Considers Driving A Privilege Not A Right

It is legal to drink alcohol and use any legally obtained drug, either prescription or over the counter. Texas residents and visitors do not have the right to operate an automobile when under the influence of alcohol or drugs if their driving ability is impaired. Under Texas law, driving is a privilege, not a right. This is not only true in Texas, but everywhere in the United States. ماهي الالعاب التي تربح المال Driving is considered to be an earned privilege, never a given right. When a driver violates Texas DWI laws, Texas allows the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles and the TXDOT to take away a person’s driver’s license.

How To Fight A DWI Charge

When you are arrested and charged with a DWI in the Houston area, the Butler Law Firm should be your first call. We are the best Houston DWI lawyers and know what it takes to prepare a DWI defense. When you hire our firm, you can be assured of the best legal representation. Our experienced Houston DWI lawyers are on your side and will help protect your driving privileges and your freedom.

Contact Butler Law Firm or call now for your FREE case evaluation.

What You Should Know About An Under-aged DUI

Getting Involved With A DUI When Under 21

Butler Law Firm | Under-aged Drinking in Houston TXThere are studies that have shown that close to 40% of the drunk driving issues that end in fatalities happened in Texas in 2014 with the drivers being under 21. One of the top reasons for fatalities on the road is drunk driving, and that’s why getting a DUI at under 21 means stricter penalties. If you’re not old enough to drink and have been charged with a DUI, you need to know what the consequences are. dr jean dodd and ivermectin In the blog here, we’ll let you know what a DUI attorney can tell you about penalties you’re faced with.

Texas is what is known as a zero tolerance state.

If you’re over 21 years of age, you can get a DUI if your BAC is more than .08% but Texas is a state with zero tolerance. If you are under 21, this means that you may be charged with a DUI if you have a BAC over .00%. If you drink even one drink and drive then you could get a DUI if you’re not 21 years of age.

The Legal Problems That Stem From An Underage DUI

If you’re arrested for getting a DUI, you could end up dealing with these penalties.

The First DUI

  • Going to jail from 3 to 180 days
  • A fine reaching up to $2,000
  • A license that’s suspended for up to 90 days

Your Second DUI

  • You could go to jail for one year
  • The fine will be up to $4000
  • A suspended license lasting a year

There are more problems than just these if you are a driver under 21 that gets a DUI. It depends on what happened, but here are some things you can face:

  • Endangering a child violations
  • A minor in possession charge
  • Giving alcohol to minors
  • Alcohol soliciting
  • Possession of an ID that’s fake
  • More traffic violations

When you get a DUI it can make you have to pay more in insurance costs, too. A lot of insurance companies see someone with a DUI as someone who is a risk and they may even cancel your policy. ivermectina para cachorro dose Other times, they may make you pay a hundred or more for a period of time after you get the DUI. You can end up paying $12,000 extra in insurance over just 5 years!

If you got arrested for being an underage drinker with a DUI, you need a DUI lawyer in Houston that can help. rabbit dosage ivermectin The process involving a DUI can be hard to deal with, especially if you’re underage. Butler Law Firm has a team of professionals that will work as hard as they can to help this turn out better for you.

You should contact us today by giving us a call to get a consultation that’s free.

Stay Safe With A DWI Attorney In Houston After Labor Day Weekend!

Were You Driving Labor Day Weekend?Highway Patrol Crackdowns Were Expected!

Labor Day weekend ran from Friday, September 1st until the 4th, which is Monday and Labor Day itself. jak wygrywać zakłady sportowe Every year, this is a short break from the hard-working schedules so many Texans live regularly so they can enjoy some time with friends and family. They might get together at home or take quick road trips inside the Lone Star State. Unfortunately, the annual Labor Day weekend also carries with it many driving while intoxicated arrests, both across the nation and the state, leading to an increase in business and demand for DWI lawyer in Houston TX professionals.

Butler Law Firm | Houston Labor Day Weekend DWIsTexas has a number of local and statewide law enforcement agencies, and like their colleagues across the United States, they are very aware of the higher odds of motorists getting behind the wheel after they’ve had too much to drink at their Labor Day festivities. That awareness actually stirs up overzealousness in a few officers, who might start seeing drunk drivers anywhere they look, even if the driver is not actually legally intoxicated. Certain police departments might also have higher arrest quotas for DWI’s over the Labor Day weekend, which puts undue and unintentional pressure on their officers to put more drivers in cuffs over the course of their shift. zakłady online sts

In any case, it honestly shouldn’t matter to you if police officers are arresting people unjustly or not, since the only real way to stay out of your own DWI trouble is just not ever drink and then drive over Labor Day weekend. Our DWI lawyers in Houston TX are ready to stand beside you and preserve your legal rights, as well as your driving privileges, no matter what, should you get arrested for something like DWI. On the other hand, we’d much rather see everyone around us just stay safe to start with.

Here’s a handy list of effective ways to have to avoid needing a DWI lawyer in Houston TX over the labor day weekend so you can just avoid drinking and driving as a combination:

Designated driver

Also known as DD in many cases, this is perhaps the oldest trick known to exist, and yet, it’s still more effective than any other option. Have your immediate circle of Labor Day friends and family choose someone to be the designated driver, and then hold them accountable for their pledge not to do any drinking. Even a single alcoholic beverage is too many for someone who is the DD.

Collect the keys

At a number of parties, the party host collects the keys of attending drivers and puts them some place safe. When someone wants to leave, they have to prove their sobriety to a sober host so it’s established they’re okay to drive. Always check with the hosts of any Labor Day event or party you go to in order to find out if they’re doing that.


If your smartphone doesn’t have a ridesharing app already on it, put one there. Most Androids already have Uber on them, for instance. If you get too drunk for driving safely, then a ridesharing app might be your safe way home. sts zakłady online You can always expect higher than usual rates over Labor Day weekend due to increased demand, but your per-mile fee is going to be a lot cheaper than a crash or an arrest.


Do you personally know the hosts of your Labor Day weekend event or party that you’re going to? Do you trust them? Ask them if they’re going to let intoxicated drivers spend a night safely in a guest room or couch. As always, it’s a lot better to be late tomorrow then have a crash or arrest today.

Pull over

There are times where alcohol needs a while before really starting to impact the cognitive abilities and motor skills of a person. It’s entirely feasible that a driver might start heading home after a Labor Day event or festivity thinking they’re safe to drive, just to find out they’re actually not when already on the road. In these situations, the best possible idea is to pull entirely off the road, hopefully into a parking area, where you can call a taxi or ride to get you home. Be mindful of the fact that if a police officer discovers you asleep in your car while you’re intoxicated, you can still face a DWI charge, even if the vehicle is off and not moving.

In Closing

We know that folks sometimes make mistakes, but if you found yourself getting arrested for a DWI over the Labor Day weekend, then we sincerely hope that you consider us as your DWI lawyer in Houston TX if you need veteran representation you can trust for compassion. Find out just that quality of legal service and let us make your case; call or contact us right away from a no-cost, no-obligation consultation with a member of our team.

Criminal Sanctions For DWI’s Resulting In Injury

Butler Law Firm | Houston DWI LawyerWhat You Need To Know About DWI’s Resulting In Injury

According to section 49.07 of the Texas Penal Code, a driver who causes serious bodily injury to another can be found guilty of the crime of intoxication assault. This is a very serious offense which is classified as a felony. 888casino If you wish to safeguard your future prospects and avoid the most severe punishments, it makes good sense to familiarize yourself with some key facts about the charges lodged against you.

Intoxication Assault, Defined

Intoxication assault occurs if one individual inflicts serious bodily harm on another person while driving under the influence of alcohol. Bodily injury, for the purposes of this criminal charge, means any sort of harm that produces organ or body part impairment, functional loss or permanent physical disfigurement. An injury that places the victim in jeopardy of death also qualifies.

DWI punishments are not restricted just to the drivers of the vehicles involved. Individuals who operate boats, airplanes, amusement park rides or other sorts of vehicles with a dangerously high blood alcohol level can be found guilty of intoxication assault if another sustains a serious injury as a result.

Intoxication Assault Sanctions

There can be no doubt that the penalties imposed for harming others while driving drunk or drugged are extremely onerous. DWIs that produce major injuries are considered felonies of the third degree. 888 casino vip Sentences are harsh, and they may include incarceration, costly fines, and community service requirements. Potential punishments for this crime are 2-10 years imprisonment, upwards of $10,000 in monetary fines, at least 160 hours of community service and possibly more.

If the vehicle at issue was driven in an especially dangerous manner, prosecutors may consider it a deadly instrumentality, a classification which can raise the seriousness of the criminal charges filed. Convictions on this particular felony offense can make it extremely difficult to secure employment and lead a productive life for years after the fact.

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Being Charged With A DWI Offense In Texas

The Ins And Outs Of A DWI Charge In Texas

A DWI offense in Houston is serious and the city, as well as the state, takes it very seriously. Financial penalties can be harsh, even for those who are first-time offenders. In the United States, DWI’s are common, but many people that commit them are average citizens that are not your average criminal. However, if you are faced with a DWI charge, then you will be treated like a criminal.

Consequences/Charges For First Time Offense In Texas

A first DWI offense in Houston and the rest of the state are considered Class B misdemeanors. If you’re convicted of this type of misdemeanor, the chances are you’ll be hit with a fine of up to $2,000. You may also be sentenced up to 180 days in jail.

Bear in mind that these are the minimum penalties that you can be faced with. DWI law is incredibly complicated. This is why you need to understand every single detail associated with your case.

For example, there are various things that can complicate your offense. This is even if it’s your first offense. Penalties can quickly escalate. A few examples of how your case can be complicated include:

1. DWI .15 Or Higher

If your blood alcohol concentration levels come back as .15 or higher after taking a breath or blood test, then you may be charged with a Class A misdemeanor, which carries fines of up to $4,000 and up to a year in jail. Under the state law, if you’re convicted of this type of misdemeanor, then you may be required to have an ignition interlock device installed in your car. This device prevents a driver from being able to start their car if they have been drinking.

2. DWI With Passenger Under .15

If you are pulled over and determined to be intoxicated with someone who is under the age of 15, then you could find yourself facing a felony charge. This charge is very serious and carries a potential of 180 days to two years in a state jail, as well as a fine of up to $10,000. This is regardless of the passenger was your child or not.

3. Intoxication Assault

If you injure someone while you are intoxicated, then you can be charged with a felony. The felony is classed as a third-degree felony. This means you can be faced with fines of up to ,000 and spend between two and 10 years in a state jail. magyar nyerőgépes játékok

4. Intoxication Manslaughter

This will result in a second-degree felony. The consequences for this includes prison time of two to 20 years. You could also be faced with a fine of no more than $10,000.

Sentencing: What To Expect When It’s Your First Offense

Butler Law Firm | Driving While Intoxicated in Houston TexasIf you’re convicted for a DWI in Houston or anywhere in Texas, then you are probably going to spend three days in jail. That is if it’s your first offense. Other forms of punishment may include probation or community service.

You might have to meet other conditions, such as going to a rehab facility that is state-approved, but this depends on the judge’s ruling. You might have to attend DWI school too and/or undertake a 12-hour course that has to be taken within six months of being sentenced to probation. If you refuse to take the course or attend it, then your license will be revoked. You can get your license back after you complete the required course.

There are civil consequences that come along with being convicted of a DWI offense, such as your driver’s license being suspended, even if it is your first offense. Your license could be suspended even without a conviction for a period of up to 180 days if you refused a breath or blood test. It may be suspended for up to 90 days if your test results were above .08. Implied consent laws mean that you consent to sobriety tests and if you refuse to do so, then the state your automatically suspend your driver’s license.

ALR, short for Administrative License Revocation, starts 40 days after the Notice of Suspension is given to you. When you receive this notice, you have 15 days to put in a request for a hearing. If you want to reinstate your license, then you need to pay $125.

Finally, the Texas Department of Transportation has a surcharge. You will pay ,000 per year for three years if you’re convicted. a kaszinó online film Remember, this is all for a first offense.

Getting Help

As you can see, a first time DWI charge is very serious. Your personal life and your professional life can be left devastated. melyik fogadóiroda nem korlátoz Your reputation can take a hit too, and a DWI charge can wreak havoc on your finances.

However, you shouldn’t give up all hope because there is something you may be able to do. Remember, police officers need probable cause and they need to gather and present evidence of a DWI offense before they can make an arrest. There are procedures they must follow under the law when they conduct sobriety tests.

DWI law is complex and a nuance. Every case is unique, which includes yours, so don’t think that you can’t win because the evidence that has been gathered to be used against you. You can hire legal counsel. In fact, that is exactly what you should do, but make sure you hire an attorney that represents clients in DWI cases.

Have you been charged with a DWI offense in Houston because if so, then you need a professional attorney that works with clients in Houston. We urge you to call Butler Law Firm right now, or you can contact us via the form on our website. If you don’t know how to go about finding and choosing an attorney in Houston, then do a bit of research on lawyers before making a decision. Whatever you do, make sure you get legal help, even if it’s your first time being charged with a driving while intoxicated offense.