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Our Main Goal Is To Protect Your DWI Charges

Our Firm, the Butler Law Firm, is a 100 percent DWI focused law company that will cater to your issue when you call us at desperate times.

The Houston DWI Lawyer

Are you dealing with a DWI? Is depression eating into you wondering what step you are to take next? We are promising that we will help decrease stress.

For 24 years, Jim Butler, the lawyer, has had a license. During these 24 years, Jim Butler has rescued many of his clients from being prisoned and therefore saving the clients and their families from major consequences financial and mental. This lawyer has major in cases involved with driving while intoxicated or under drug influence (DWI). Jim uses most of his time as an attorney to tackle these kinds of cases. However, Jim doesn’t condone drunk driving but he has discovered that many innocent individuals are imprisoned with no solid ground proof.

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For any individual who is accused of a DWI crime, they should first understand the magnitude of the crime and the possible punishment. After analyzing this aspect, you should contact a Houston lawyer who specializes in DWI cases. You should find the best lawyer because if the court finds you guilty of the charge, serious consequences will definitely follow.

Some of the most serious consequences that may be caused by such judgment in the court include; kin separation, violation of the driver’s permit, losing your job, and many other serious consequences. To ensure that this will not happen, we recommend Jim Butler who has been in action for 24 years. All you have to do is call or email us now. If you are caught for a DWI offense, this is usually the first step to a long procedure. Being arrested for the crime doesn’t have an impact on the final decision. Laws are revolved around imprisonment, technical problems, bonds, violation of permits, and incarceration, all of which are not guaranteed. For you to have assurance for winning the case, it is paramount that you consult a lawyer who has been in the business for a considerable amount of time.

Our company, Butler Law Firm, guarantees you the best lawyers who will not only secure your freedom but also will ensure that all your rights are considered during the case, be it a DWI or DUI case. Call or email Jim Butler today to speak and evaluate the nature of your offense.

Jim has the needed know-how, so do not have any doubt. Just call now.

A DWI case brings consequences not only for you but for your family and also strips you of your work. Financial costs increase when you use public transportation to go to work and also attending to family matters. Once you are accused, your driving permit is violated in the next 40 days if you stay idle about the case. The Butler organization has a working time of 24 years and they are tasked with ensuring that you get the best result from your case.

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Jim Butler is the proud owner of this criminal law headquarters based in Houston. Jim ensures that each of his customers gets the best out of his firm. Call or email this organization today for a no-fee consultation.

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