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Many people are these days being charged with driving while intoxicated which has become one of the biggest reason as to why DWI suspects are serving jail terms and their licenses being revoked. This has therefore led to a wide outcry from people from all quarters due to even lack of enough and competent attorneys on the field.

The Butler Law Firm, therefore, has taken that initiative of helping people charged with the driving while intoxicated and thus bailing out a lot of people. The law firm is a criminal law office located in the city of Houston, Texas whose aim is to help the residents of the city and its surrounding areas from being charged and convicted innocently due to alleged drunk driving. Its founder who is Jim Butler is an attorney himself who has specialized in the driving while intoxicated cases as he believes that many innocent people are being punished whereas they have done nothing wrong just that they don’t have the right information and legal representation.

DUI Offense Lawyers in Aldine, Texas

It is great to note it is not a must that you be drunk in order for you to fail the blood alcohol test, which police use to determine whether you were driving while intoxicated. There are very many reasons as to why your blood alcohol level can be above 0.08. For instance, in case you are tired, nervous or have a medical condition which increases your blood sugar level. In addition, in case you are allegedly accused of drunk driving, it is good to note that it is not illegal to drink and drive as long as you maintain your physical and mental condition such that you can make the right decisions.

In case that you need to consult the Butler Law Firm you can do so by just visiting their premises, which are located in Houston Texas, or just call their customer number which is 713 236 8744 but only during working hours as it is the time that it is usually on.

DWI Attorneys in Aldine

In case you are allegedly arrested for driving while intoxicated, the police will charge you in a court of law where you are required to answer to the charges that you are accused of. This adds into an injury in case you have been stressed by the whole ordeal. In addition, in case you are not well accustomed to the justice department, this can be an uphill task to undertake. You, therefore, need someone who understands the justice processes and the laws governing the area if drunk driving and that is where the Butler Law Firm arises.

In case, you consult the Butler Law Firm for them to deal with your case. They will take all the hands onto your case which means that they will represent you in the court of law do all the talking on your behalf in order to make sure that your punishments are either reduced or done away with such that you are a free man. This is therefore very essential as it removes all the stress that you may have on the whole ordeal of being charged bearing in mind that experts of the field are dealing with your case.

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The legal field is not that easy for the local person to understand. It incorporates a lot of legal jargon, processes, law quotations and so on, which may not be your cup of tea. The legal and justice processes may be very tedious and exhausting especially if it is the first time that you are experiencing it. In addition in the course of you filing the response to your case, you may need to make secretin decisions in order to strengthen your defense.

Therefore, you will need someone who is experienced in the legal field in order to give you the advice you need while making these decisions. That is where the Butler Law Firm comes in handy. It has within its team qualified lawyers led by the lead attorney and the owner of the firm Jim Butler who offers legal advice on what you should do and interprets for you what the laws say so that you can understand the whole process.

Ensure You Get A Fair Hearing With Jim Butler Law Firm By Your Side

With all the processes in the legal and justice department, most are the times that people do not get a fair hearing due to the lack of information on the particular matter and what the laws say. The Butler Law Firm has over 24 years of experience in the field and thus they understand these laws to the later. Therefore whenever you consult them you will be assured that you get a fair hearing in that they will make sure that all the evidence is processed in the manner that it is required, ensure that all the steps are followed to the later and guides you through the right processes of legal and justice department. The experience that the Butler Law Firm has is something to savor.

They have been in the legal field for over 24 years thus making them among the most experienced law firm in Houston and at a larger and the country. With all these years that the law firm has been in operation, they have experienced different situations and legal hurdles, which they have learned on how they are supposed to be handled. Therefore, whenever you choose the Butler Law Firm you are choosing a law firm that knows the legal and justice field extremely well.

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Led by their lead counsel and owner Jim Butler, Butler Law Firm has specialized in the driving while intoxicated cases from which it is known for. Therefore, they have spent more than 24 years serving the people of Houston and the surrounding areas in this area, which has made them experts in the field. This means therefore that they know all the situations that can arise in the DWI cases and how best to solve them, which means by choosing them you are assured of the best outcome. Contact a Houston DUI attorney at the Butler Law Firm at (713) 236-8744 for immediate assistance.

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