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It goes without saying that very many innocent people are suffering from driving while intoxicates charges punishments, due to lack of bad representation in a court of law. This, in turn, leads to the suffering of their families in case they go to jail and lose their jobs, which should never be the case. However, we here at Jim Butler Law Firm are a law firm located in Houston, which deals with driving while intoxicated charges only. We take great pride in the successful cases that we have been able to represent our clients, after being charged with DWI charges.

With the level of experience and expertise that we have in the driving while intoxicated sector, choosing us to represent you for your DWI charges in the courts automatically increases your chances of winning the case. All you need to do is give us a call via our number which is (713) 236-8744, and we will start the process of defending you against your charges.

What we do for you

Once you contact us after being charged with driving while intoxicated charges, we, first of all, listen to the circumstances that led to your charges. This is to help us comprehend the scenario in which we will have to deal with while defending you in court. After our attorneys have made sure that they have understood the situation, we then craft the defense that we will represent in court based on our experience and knowledge in the area. After which we then start preparing your documents that will be presented in court. We also do follow the progress of the case and the documents that are required by the courts as we are more conversant with the process.

To crown it all, we do represent you in the courts of law and defend you before a jury or a magistrate. Do not waste any more of your time, contact us today to avoid suffering the driving while intoxicated charges punishments.

Why choose Jim Butler Law Firm

We here at the Jim Butler Law Firm are the leading driving while intoxicated attorneys in the country. This has however not been given to us on a silver platter, the success rates of the cases that we have been involved in speak clearly and loudly for themselves. Choosing us is the best chance of making sure that you achieve success in your case.

In addition, we have been in the driving while intoxicated scene for over 24 years now, helping our clients get the better out of their cases. This has made us experts in the field, thus representing you effectively in your case. With the high quality of attorneys that we have, you can sit back and let us handle your case.

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