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Knowing Why Butler Law Firm Is The Best

Are you facing DWI, meaning, Driving While Drunk charges? Are you worried and is wondering what would be the outcome? We can be of great help to ease your stress. The famous Butler Firm, which is law-based, is entirely concerned with handling your cases, at your most hour of need, for our attention.

Butler Jim is a licensed lawyer. He is the owner of the Law firm that deals with criminal cases, based in Houston. His experience has been 24 years of practice. He has been helping his clients to get out of prison, whereby staying in jail, would cause the affected persons to lose their jobs and also cause themselves, together with their loved ones, to suffer financial and mental disruptions. Jim currently tackles 100% DWI cases. He entirely devotes his time to such case types, and would therefore do everything possible as far as the matters of the law are concerned, to help a client resolve issues amicably and with minimum negative consequences. He does not however support driving while drunk, but he understands that most people get arrested innocently, and this was his main motivation to becoming a lawyer for DUI.

Driving while drunk is an offense, that has serious charges, that anyone affected should be well informed about. The charged persons should therefore look for a Houston advocate, that specializes in such cases. Being found guilty for driving while drunk, can result in terrible outcomes, that could highly affect your life and that of your loved ones. These include either suspension or taking away license for driving, family separation, your employment terminated, or even imprisonment. The suspension of your license begins 40 days after being charged when you don’t take any action. If your license is taken away, you will have to spend too much money on public transportation, when going to work, errands, and other family engagements. For those charged with such offenses, Jim Butler is an expert. You can either call or email us anytime. When you get arrested for similar cases, it is only the start of a process that takes long. In the same manner, being charged such a crime is not the determinant of the end-result. Law is only concerned with technical matters, being convicted, being fined, losing your license, and imprisonment. None of them are always automatic.

Having the best outcome depends on getting an experienced advocate, to assist you to tackle your case throughout the defense process, while protecting your rights. Therefore, Butler’s firm has the expertise needed to ensure that those who are facing drunk driving charges or DUI achieve the most desirable outcomes. Call Jim Butler today. You can reach him on (713) 236-8744. You will receive a free consultation, and be able to discuss all the details about your case and have a successful outcome.

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