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Upholding Your Right For Protection Against DWI Charges

The Butler Law Firm is a private-owned law firm that has its focal point on Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) cases in Houston, Texas.

Jim Butler, a licensed Lawyer for over twenty-four years, established this firm to help clients escape jail time that could cost them their jobs and separate them from their families that lead to severe damages to their financial and mental wellness.

Jim’s interest is not to validate drunk driving. He has a conviction that some blameless people are pointlessly arrested and face daring consequences for a crime they did not commit.

Butler says the laws of Texas permit an adult to drive while drunk as long as the adult maintains his or her mental and physical senses. To add to that, he claims that most field sobriety tests do not guarantee you the whole picture. A person who is nervous and exhausted may fail the test. The same case applies to anyone who has a medical condition.

A DWI offense has got abominable charges that come with it. As an offender of the law, you get suspended or revoked of your driver’s license; you are detached from your family, ending of employment, and imprisoned.

Nevertheless, being charged with a crime does not automatically result in a guilty verdict. A highly experienced lawyer is necessary to have a chance of receiving a successful outcome. That is where we intervene to aid you to retain your credentials and keep your family intact.

Information About DWI

Passing the alcohol test does not mean you are safe. If the police officer has proof that a driver has impaired driving ability through observation, he is qualified to charge the driver with an offense. Ways to determine impaired driving include; the driver does not stick to his lane, over speeding, Proximity to causing an accident, making a right turn to a stop sign, allowing the car to drift from side to side on the roadway, and hitting brakes erratically. 

These are some of the mistakes that lead to arrest. There is a possibility to lose your driving privileges for ninety-days or even close to two years.

If you hold a commercial driving license and refuse to take a breath test as stipulated, it will assure you of the revocation of your commercial driving license for one year. The officer making the arrest denies you access to the commercial driving license and issues a special temporary permit accompanied by a suspension notice.

In case this happens, you are required to request a hearing on the matter in fifteen days or, you automatically get suspended for forty days following the arrest.

It is not easy to understand all this if you are unaware of the laws regarding DWI offenses. Our firm ensures that you know everything and, we protect you by doing all that we can to provide a positive outcome.

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With Mr. Butler Jim the holder of the Houston-based office of criminology he will take the best way possible within the law to come up with the best solution for his/her clients, contact him immediately, and have a free session of consultation.

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