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Benefits of letting us defend your DWI Charges

DWI offense should not be a death sentence. An individual should be afforded a legal attorney to help him navigate this intense process. At the Butler Firm, we are committed to help an offender be properly convicted. The article below highlights the benefits of working with us.


You have been arrested for DWI? Are you in need a lawyer? Call the Butler Law so that you can get assistance.  We are fully aware of the consequences of driving while being intoxicated. With Jim Butler of the Butler firm, your case will be clearly ironed out.

The Butler Law Firm has been handling DWI cases for over a long time now. The owner and attorney, Jim Butler has devoted a great portion of his life to such cases. With him, you are in good hands.

Below are a couple of benefits of letting us defend you.

More than a decade of dealing with such cases

The Butler Firm has had success with those charged with the criminal offense of DWI. The outcome has been positive so with us your chances are greatly increased. Jim Butler, the owner of the Butler Firm, has been at it for 24 years. He is a licensed attorney.  

Jim Butler of the Butler Firm understands the plight of the offender. With his experience, his come to know that many innocent individuals are unfairly arrested. 

Jim Butler does not support such behavior but knows that individuals need to have their rights protected from unfair convictions. With the Butler Law Firm, you have a Firm that has your back through the process.

Contact us through the cell (713) 236-8744 or send an email.

We reduce the stress of a legal procedure

At the Butler Law Firm, we understand that the legal processes are not for everyone. The pressure that it comes with can be too much for certain individuals.  With Jim Butler and the Butler Law Firm you have a team that has your best interest at heart. 

With our experience, we understand that law is a matter of technicality and matters of conviction are not automatic. Consult us to avoid the severe consequences of DWI.

Avoid the severity of DWI convictions

A DWI conviction can alter your life for the worse. One life-changing event is the revocation of one’s license which happens about 40 days after conviction and doing nothing. Consult Jim Butler of the Butler Law Firm to avoid such scenarios. With no license, errands for the family become more expensive. 

Another event is loss of employment or even incarceration. With Jim Butler of the Butler Firm you can save your family from the burden of finance or losing you. 

Jim Butler of the Butler Firm is the perfect fit for the such a case. With him you are protected and well aware of your rights for a DWI offence.

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