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Dealing With Your DWI Charge? Ask Atty. Jim Butler To Help You

The Butler Law Firm caters to all DWI cases and will be there for all your needs and requirements.

A DWI charge entails driving under the influence or being in control of a motor vehicle while being impaired by alcohol or other drugs, to a level where he or she cannot drive safely.

Someone having these charges is punished according to the severity of the act. If you were probably a first time offender, your charges of a DWI can be downgraded to a DUI that is a smaller penalty.

I know being a driver and getting pulled over and charged with this offense is one of the most frightening situations. You don’t even have an idea of what you could do, or how you would be able to deal with the situation, but you shouldn’t worry because here at the butler law firm we can help you deal with these cases.

We have an attorney in Houston who exclusively deals with DWI offenses. This attorney is Jim Butler. He has a lot of experience in dealing with these kinds of cases and you will surely not regret having him as your lawyer. He has assisted so many clients to avoid jail time and the hefty fines associated with these charges.

 He also has a legal assistant, Christin Rycroft, who handles the clients before passing them through to Jim Butler. Clients who had previously called have talked of how nice and concerned she sounded. She is a perfect listener and will be sure to connect you to Jim who would handle your case.

 DWI is a very serious offense and should be treated as a case of utmost importance. Having a DWI case could mean possible jail time, for both the first time or more than first-time offenses. Jail time can be longer compared to the number of times one has a DWI charge. One can also stand a chance of having their licenses stripped from them and the refusal to hand over these licenses can increase the length of license suspension.

The DWI charges can affect one’s employment or the availability in getting loans or employment. Risking your chance at getting employment will not only affect you but also your family. You will not be able to have a stable job for you to earn and also help your family.

If you ever get divorced the DWI charges you have can be used as leverage for when you and your ex-partner split assets and this could lead to losses of a lot of assets.

Jim Butler is a very experienced lawyer dealing with these cases will ensure great dealings with your case and that you get the desired effect out of these. He believes that many innocent people are needlessly arrested and works to help them.

You can contact him for a free consultation and get a bearing on your case. Here is his number(713)236-8744.

Make the right choice today and safeguard your future.

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