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In every country, a lot of people are ford of seeing police vehicles often and this makes them to panic even if you have not committed any wrongdoing. A lot of drivers drive while drunk and this can result in your arrest but there is always away. To avoid a DWI case, follow these steps and they will help you to avoid being arrested for drunk driving:

Never drive after you consume an alcoholic beverage

The law has stated very clear that you should not drink and drive. This is because doing this can result in careless driving as well as causing accidents that can ruin or take your life. If a traffic officer smells an alcoholic odor on your breath, it directly becomes a DWI stop which will result in your arrest.

Ensure your signal is on

A small number of drivers use their blinkers to signal a lane change during the ordinary course of the day. During this time, fewer traffic officers stop motorists for failing to do so. In the course of the night, the main reason for traffic stops that leads to arrest for drunk driving is altering lanes without signaling.

Create a sufficient distance amongst you and the car ahead

During the day, a lot of motorists do not create a two-second gap between them and the car ahead thus failing to comply with road instructions. This is the main reason why you find that most accidents occur during the day because drivers do not create enough space that can stop in an emergency. If this occurs during the night, you won’t find a way out because the investigating traffic officer will be there to arrest you for drunk driving.

Make certain your inspection registration labels are updated

This is another main thing that can lead to a DWI arrest and create a stop for the traffic officer to check. If a traffic officer finds out that your stickers are expired, obvious he will pull you out. This can result in a DWI arrest which you can avoid by updating the stickers.

Before you start driving, there is a need to check your headlights, signals, tail lights, brake lights, and license plate lights. During the day it is rare for a police officer to notice a problem in your vehicle. At night, it is very easy for the officer to notice all these problems because they will be conducting a traffic check. If your vehicle happens to have a problem, it can result in DWI arrest whereby you will be charged with careless driving. If you have been accidentally arrested for DWI, there is need to get a qualified DWI attorney to defend your rights and reestablish your status.

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