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The Butler Law Firm is a DWI Centered Law Firm That Will Be by Your Side When You Need Us Urgently!

Are you facing DWI charges? Do you understand the legal intricacies of DWI? You do not have to be bogged down by ignorance. We will make sense of DWI for you and provide you with a viable solution.

Jim Butler is a Houston based licensed attorney, educated at the prestigious South Texas College of Law. His goal is to assist his clients to return to regular fruitful lives. He is a dedicated family man and does not sanction drunk driving. Jim’s cases are purely DWI which stands for driving while intoxicated. He has practiced for 24 years. Therefore, he knows very well what works and what doesn’t as regards DWI. And the reason he specialized with DWI is that he strongly believes a lot of innocent individuals are “unnecessarily arrested”

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When you are facing DWI (driving while intoxicated), the more you go without representation the more at risk you are placing yourself. You will need an experienced DWI lawyer to represent you and ensure that none of your rights is ignored as you are awaiting trial and to make sure that you are ready to face the charges in court. The Butler Law Firm can help you navigate the treacherous DWI legal terrain.

Going for the easy option out may ultimately turn out to be a more expensive choice than working with Jim Butler of The Butler Law Firm which has been licensed for 24 years.DWI cases are very common in Houston city, and your upstart lawyer may recommend to you the typical bargain of pleading guilty and going along with the sentence. Jim Butler will stand for your rights even at the slightest opportunity of turning the case in your favor.

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Ignorance in law is no defense. And many people facing DWI convictions fall prey to many misconceptions. One is that their case is certain to lose, but although DWI presents very critical circumstances often, you still find outstanding cases where the court ruled in favor of the defendant, especially when handled by an exceptional lawyer such as Jim Butler. Another misconception is that field sobriety tests performed are usually accurate. It could not be further from the truth. The truth is that field sobriety tests are not 100% correct and in any case, the evidence can be countered by a skillful legal expert such as Jim Butler.

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Consult your unique position with Jim Butler of The Butler Law Firm. The primary alternatives in DWI comprise pleading guilty or non-guilty. The prosecutor would constantly want you to plead non-guilty as it makes the job easy for them but places a strain on your driving records. You do not have to plead guilty as a real professional DWI Lawyer may tell you otherwise, depending on your circumstances.

It is imperative, that you contact Jim Butler as soon as possible to discuss the particulars of your case. The Butler Law Firm has the capacity and experience necessary to ensure those facing the criminal offense of DWI have the best likelihood of a successful outcome following due law process and having their rights fully protected.

He has the understanding to assist you, so don’t waste any more time, contact him today.

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