Top Criminal Defense Lawyer & DWI Defense Attorney In Phelps, TX

Butler Law is a Firm that helps you solve your DWI charges whenever you dearly need our help. It is experienced enough when dealing with DUI or DWI cases and will make sure your charges have been dropped and your rights are protected. 

DWI means Driving While Intoxicated. You should not panic when you are arrested and charged with this type of case because we will help by offering you defense.

Jim Butler is a Lawyer who has worked for 24 years. He spends most of his time dealing with this type of case. He has helped many people who have been charged with this type of case get out of jail. 

He does not encourage driving while drunk but he knows most people are arrested even when they are innocent and this is why he chose to be a lawyer.

When you are arrested and charged with DWI, the first thing you should do is call a lawyer from Houston who specifically deals with DWI cases and they will help you by offering defense to your case.

You should as well know the consequences of DWI charges before you get arrested. There are many serious consequences that come in hand with this type of charge and these are some of them.

Family Separation

When you are found guilty, you become separated from your family and you do not get to see them unless they come to visit you. This might ruin the relationship you had with your family and make you feel distant. Arguments might also lead to the fallout when you are not able to play your role like before.


This might also occur later in the years and that is why you are advised to hire a well-experienced Lawyer from a Houston-based criminal law office who will help you avoid being arrested and charged for DWI in the years to come.

Suspension Of Your Driver’s License

Suspension of your driver’s license starts after 40 days when you have already been charged. Your driver’s license is suspended which makes it hard for your to carry out your daily activities as usual. This might lead to an increased budget when it comes to transport and other family activities.

Termination Of Employment

Many companies do not employ people who have a jail or criminal record and that is why it is important to have good conduct and stay away from trouble. This type of charge might make you lose your job with your company when you are found guilty. 

Therefore when you happen to be arrested and charged with DWI do not hesitate to give Mr. Butler a call and ask him to help you out. He is the founder of Houston -based Criminal Law Office and you can consult him any time through (713)236-8744.

For you to win a case against DWI you should hire a well-experienced lawyer from Houston who will defend you and make sure all your rights are protected.

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