Refined DUI Offense Attorney & Criminal Defense Expert In Shenandoah, TX

Our Top Priority Is To Defend Your DWI Charges

Butler Firm is a law firm that is DWI focused 100%, and we focus more on our client’s case when they need us the most.

If you have a DWI case and you are under the stress of not knowing what will happen, we are here to help you sort out your problem.

Jim Butler, a licensed lawyer, has been in the field for about 24 years. In his line of duty, Jim Butler has been instrumental in ensuring that his clients are not convicted or are acquitted. A conviction would mean that the client would lose their job, causing both the client and the family much suffering both mentally and financially.

Call Jim Butler, (713) 236-8744, to get your 100% discount on consultation!

DWI offense means Driving While Intoxicated, and anyone who has been in this situation understands this charge’s seriousness. Therefore, one must seek out the Houston attorney’s services who deal explicitly with DWI defense. On many occasions, being found guilty of the offense can get one into severe consequences.

The consequences may include revocation or suspension of one’s driving license, employment termination, family dispute, and incarceration. If you have a DWI charge, you can email or call Jim Butler, the owner of the Butler Law Firm in Houston with a license for the last 24 years. The law comprises various technical issues ranging from fines, incarceration, loss of ownership, and conviction, most of which may not be automatic.

To get positive results, one needs to get the services of an experienced lawyer to help one navigate and protect one’s rights throughout the legal procedure.

We at the Butler Law Firm have the necessary experience to defend clients charged with a DWI offense. We use the law to secure one’s freedom and also ensure that they have protection on their rights. Therefore, one should immediately call Mr. Butler to discuss your case details at no cost at all. Having the experience, he will help and advise you, so don’t hesitate to call him today!

It’s no secret that a DWI case can affect one’s life, especially family and work. The criminal case can quickly drain one financially since one can lose their job. If one is charged and does not do anything after 40 days, they will face their license suspension. 

The criminal law office is in Houston, and the owner is Mr. Butler. The Butler Law Firm values its clients very much, and Mr. Butler goes out of his way to ensure that all his clients are well taken care of and resolves their client’s issues in the proper way possible.

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