The Best DWI Defense Attorney & DUI Attorney In Westfield, TX

Have you been charged with driving while intoxicated charge and have been wondering what to do with your life now?

You shouldn’t be worried because there are chances for you to win your case. All you need to do is make sure that the lawyer representing you in the court of law is not only highly qualified but also experienced and expert in the charge in which you have been charged with.

We here at Jim Butler Law Firm are the leading law firm in Houston, which specializes in driving while intoxicated charges. We have an experience of 24 years and above in the field, which underlines our commitment to helping our esteemed clients whom we hold in high regard, avoid their DWI charges. We do not advocate for driving while intoxicated as it can cause accidents, but we believe that there are very many people who are being charged unfairly of the charge. In case you need our services, you can do so by just giving us a call via our number (713) 236-8744.

What we do for you

Whenever you choose to walk with Jim Butler Law Firm in your driving while intoxicated charge, then you can have peace of mind as your case will be in the right hands. We are not just your normal law form; we take great concern about your growth and success in life. Once you contact us to be your DWI attorney, we take our time to listen to what occasioned your charges. This is to ensure that we fully comprehend the case that the prosecution has on you.

After doing so, we then craft your defense which we then present in court as your representatives. We do not stop there either, we go ahead and follow up on the documents that you are required to deposit in court, closely monitoring the process of your court proceedings.

Once you contact us to be your legal representatives you can run your errands in peace as your case will be in the right hands.

We here at Jim Butler Law Firm boast the high level of experience that we have been able to amass over the 24 years that we have been in the business. This means that there is no scenario in the driving while intoxicated charges that we cannot be able to seek you out.

In addition, we have in our team one of the highly qualified attorneys, who has specialized in the driving while intoxicated charges thus assuring you of your success. To cap it off, we are experts in the DWI charges which in turn increase the chances of the success of your case.

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