Drinking & Driving In Houston: How Risky It Is? Part I

9 Gripping Reasons Not To Drink & Drive In Houston

Part 1

Understanding why drinking and driving are dangerous doesn’t require much thought. However, many people continue to drive their vehicles while inebriated despite knowing the risks.

If you have ever been tempted to risk getting behind the wheel following a few drinks or been too slow to give your keys to the designated driving after a drinking session, consider reviewing the following nine reasons to never drink and drive.

DUI Charges Dropped in Houston1. You Could End Up In Jail

Nobody likes the thought of being sent to jail, and many people simply can’t imagine ever finding themselves confined to a cell. But, if the police catch your drinking and driving, there’s a chance you will go to jail. Furthermore, if you do something reckless while under the influence, such as damaging property or assaulting someone, your time in jail is likely to be considerable. If you are responsible for a fatality, a decade or more behind bars is not unlikely. In some states, you may never be freed.

2. Your Car Insurance Premiums Could Rise

A DUI conviction can have a direct impact on the cost of your insurance premiums. This is not surprising since insurance companies determine premiums by looking at how much of a risk to themselves, others, and the vehicle a driver represents. Insurance firms rightly assume a driver with a DUI is more likely to end up in an accident and thus that driver’s premiums are higher. If you drink and drive and are caught and served a DUI, get ready for your insurance company to place you in the high-risk category, and skyrocket your premiums.

3. You Could Lose Your Job

In many areas of employment, a DUI conviction can result in the termination of a contract or professional license revocation. The more prestigious your profession, the more likely it is that you will lose your job. Federal or state government employees are also very likely to lose their positions if they are convicted of a drunk driving offense. So, nurses, lawyers, doctors, teachers, police officers, public figures, etc. need to be aware that they’re putting their job on the line if they drink and drive.

4. You could Have To Pay Large Fines & Legal Fees

Dealing with a DUI is expensive. Not only do you have to pay for the ticket, but you may also be liable for court fees, civil penalties, and other fines. If you need to hire a lawyer, your legal bill can soon add up.

5. You Increase Your Risk Of Being Involved In A Road Traffic Accident

Arguably one of the biggest reasons to avoid ever drinking and driving is that doing so increases your chances of being involved in an accident. And, consequently, your risk of suffering from a serious injury or inflicting injuries on others.

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