How To Conduct Your ALR Hearing Process

Is An Attorney Necessary For An ALR Hearing?

Butler Law Firm | ALR Hearing in Houston TXFollowing a DWI arrest, drivers are afforded 15 days in which to take the necessary steps to protect their driving privileges. This is done by making a request for an Administrative License Revocation Hearing (ALR). Time really is of the essence when it comes to making this request because a failure to do so results in automatic license suspension. To make certain that this process goes smoothly and that you are properly represented, the assistance of a DWI lawyer with Butler Law Firm can prove pivotal.

Though ALR hearings are technically civil administrative procedures that have no impact on the criminal case, it remains extremely important because it is where license suspensions stemming from the initial arrest are upheld or voided. A skilled attorney has the experience and knowledge required to fight for your rights and pursue reinstatement of your license.

When you request this hearing, the effect is to force the Texas Department of Public Safety to present proof that the DWI arrest at issue was in fact valid. The Department will bring its own lawyer, making it all the more critical to have your own legal counsel on hand. Securing the guidance of an experienced ALR hearing attorney in Houston is the best way to boost the chances of keeping your license.

ALR Hearing Process

If, at the time of your arrest, you declined to undergo blood or breath testing, the Department will need to establish that probable cause or reasonable suspicion to stop you existed at the time. It will also be necessary for the opposing side to show that there was probable cause to believe that you operated a vehicle on a public roadway while you were intoxicated, that you were asked to submit to testing, and that you refused.

If you did not pass the testing administered by law enforcement, the Department will need to demonstrate that your blood alcohol content (BAC) was at least .08 while you drove in a public place. The requirement of showing reasonable suspicion or probable cause to make a stop will also remain.

The facts surrounding the arrest and your prior driving record will play a role in the outcome of such a hearing, with a license suspension of 90 days to two years being the possible result. Do not allow yourself to go in unprepared. Make sure you understand your legal rights and bring aggressive counsel to the table in order to protect your ability to drive.

The professionals of Butler Law Firm have represented clients in a multitude of ALR hearings and have achieved positive results in more than 9 out of 10 cases. By calling the Butler Law Firm today, you can take comfort in the fact that you have secured the zealous advocacy necessary to obtain the best possible outcome in your ALR hearing.

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