What You Should Know About Your ALR Hearing in Houston

What to Know About ALR Hearings

After a DWI arrest, one of the most confusing steps to take is to request an Administrative License Revocation hearing or an ALR hearing. This pressing issue is the result of having failed to take a blood test or a breath test during your DWI arrest. This puts your license in danger of being suspended for a long time. Here are some questions and answers about ALR hearings.

How Long Can My Driver’s License Be Suspended?

Anywhere from 90 days to two years. The length of your suspension has to do with factors such as your age and whether or not you have had any other DWIs. The only way to stop this is to request an ALR hearing right away.

How Long Do I Get to Request an ALH?

You have 15 days from the time of your arrest date to ask for a hearing. If you do not do this within this time period, your license will be suspended after 40 days following your arrest.

What Happens at the Hearing?

The hearing is set to decide if the license suspension should be overturned or upheld. The following questions will be asked:

  • Did the peace officer have reasonable suspicion to stop the driver?
  • Was there probable cause on the part of the peace officer that the driver was intoxicated?
  • Did the driver get a chance to provide a breath or blood specimen?
  • Did the driver refuse to take a breath or blood test? Or, if they did, was their alcohol concentration above the TX legal limit?
  • In What Ways Does the ALR Affect the Court Case?

The hearing is separate from your criminal DWI case. It is only a civil administration process. Your court case for the DWI is a different matter. If you are convicted of driving while intoxicated, the judge still has the power to suspend your driver’s license.

Should I have an Attorney at the ALR Hearing?

You have two choices for an ALR. You may defend yourself or you may choose to hire an attorney to defend you. Your best option is to hire an experienced Houston attorney because the Department of Public Safety will have an attorney at the ALR hearing. You should, too, or you will be put at a disadvantage.

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