Butler Law Firm Wants You To Get Home Safe Pt2

Taking Aim At The Drunk Driving Problem In Texas Part 2

Texas Leads the Country in DUI Fatalities, San Antonio Leads Texas

Every TxDOT official and all law enforcement agencies in Texas are desperate to get this problem solved. In just 2016, there were a total of 24,807 alcohol-related crashes in the state of Texas, and that resulted in 2,316 seriously injured accident victims and 1,005 fatalities. In total, 28 percent of all crashes in Texas last year were alcohol-related. It is such a serious problem that around every 20 minutes there is a drunk driving crash in the state.

San Antonio has not escaped this problem. In fact, out of the five leading Texas cities with the highest number of alcohol-related crashes, the city of San Antonio had the most with 1,845, which comes out to over 5 alcohol-related crashes a day. One occurred recently when a pickup truck went over a curb and then ran over a man on the sidewalk and killed him. The driver was a 26-year-old man and was given an intoxication manslaughter charge. After running over the pedestrian, he then swerved back into the road and then crashed into a bus stop. This accident marked the second pedestrian who a drunk driver had killed within a couple of days.

Changing Attitudes In Texas About Drunk Driving

With the new efforts being made by TxDOT, the agency is trying as hard as it can to change attitudes when it comes to drinking and driving. They believe this is key to stopping drunk driving in the state of Texas. Simply because alcohol is widely available and appears to be an important part of many people’s weekends doesn’t mean everybody can’t do what is right. TxDOT is trying to encourage people to plan their weekends around assuming that drinking is going to be part of their outings. They recommend that ride-share services or a taxi be arranged in advance prior to going to a party or starting to drink.

Texans far too often make the decision to drive after having had a couple of drinks. That is a very bad decision. Whenever a driver makes this decision, they are placing everybody at bus stops, on the sidewalks, or on the road at great risk than would normally be the case. On Texas roadways, there is a drink driving crash that occurs every 20 minutes, which means there is an increasing amount of risk out on the highways and streets that are crowded already.

Experienced Texas Drunk Driving Lawyer

Currently, Texas leads the country in drunk driving fatalities, with San Antonio leading Texas in this category. It is a very good thing that TxDOT, as well as responsible companies like Lyft and Budweiser, are doing what they can to help the situation. However, everyone needs to work together in order to get drunk driving stopped in Texas permanently Meanwhile, if you or a family member has suffered a wrongful death or been seriously injured due to someone deciding to drive while they were under the influence of drugs or alcohol, please call the Butler Law Firm to speak with an experienced Drunk Driving Accident Attorney in Texas. Our team has the experience and knowledge to deal with opposing parties and insurance companies to ensure that all of the responsible parties are held accountable for their actions. We will do everything we can to keep your rights protected under the law.

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