Nations That Legally Prohibit The Entry Of Houston DUI Offenders

7 Countries That Prohibit The Entry Of Houston DUI Offenders

There are some countries you can’t enter if you have a DUI charge.

In most cases getting a DUI adds extra charges to your life, but few consider the hurdles it can pose when traveling abroad. Repercussions such as harm to oneself and others, heavy fines, a tainted record, and even a potential jail sentence should be significant to dissuade you from drunk driving. But, to make matters worse, certain countries will not allow you to enter their borders for up to a decade. It is a nightmare and unfortunate situation to arrive at your dream vacation destination only to be ordered back due to your DUI. If you’re planning to tour the following seven countries and have a DUI, an entry might be denied, or requested to provide special documents.

1. Mexico

Mexico implements a severe position against DUI convicts. Visitors from other countries with DUI convictions in the previous 10 years are typically denied entry into the country. This is based on the fact that Mexico’s immigration laws classify a DUI as an indictable charge, as is the case with a felony, and felons are banned from entering. However, Mexican border agents allow travelers to enter the country without conducting thorough checks, you might attempt entry, but things might not go your way.

2. United Arab Emirates

As you may be aware, the Emirates is an Islamic nation that follows strict Muslim scripture that stipulates taking alcohol is a sin. As expected, their DUI stance is harsh. There are no specific rules that ban DUI-convicted travelers from entering the Emirates, yet, there is disapproval of DUI offenses which might lead to entry denial. Your entry will depend on the strictness of the immigration official processing your entry.

3. Iran

Entering Iran as a US Citizen is already a hard task. Having a DUI conviction, only makes it more difficult. Not a single Iranian embassy exists within the US, thus your conviction record is inaccessible to Iran. But, you have to pass a good conduct evaluation, where they will question you on your previous record on alcohol, drugs, and related offenses. Admitting to a DUI conviction in the past will likely lead to the immigration officer revoking your entry. Like in the Emirates, the final decision depends on the officer responsible and the information you give.

4. China, Japan & Malaysia

When touring Malaysia, China, or Japan it is recommended you fully disclose your convictions related to drunk driving, here honesty is the best policy, unlike the UAE and Iran. These nations undertake comprehensive background checks. Deceiving their immigration officials about your misdemeanors and felonies is the worst thing you can do. To qualify for entry, liaise with the US consulate to decide on the appropriate steps to take. Most of the time, a free travel waiver is the best alternative to pursue.

5. Canada

It’s quite surprising that Canada is a difficult destination to gain entry into for American citizens with a DUI conviction. In Canada, impaired driving is a felony with any DUI convict denied access to the country for at least 5 years. After the five years have elapsed, and your criminal record is clean, you can pursue criminal rehabilitation or part with a penalty of $200 to enter Canada. If your travel is not urgent, you can wait for 10 years from the conviction date for your offense to be “rehabilitated by time.”

6. South Africa

A DUI categorized as a felony may present serious challenges in South Africa, although misdemeanor DUIs don’t pose any difficulty. You will have to give any criminal history of your own volition when entering the country, even when not questioned for it. Otherwise, you will have conducted “deception by silence” which will lead to immediate denial. However, you can still disclose your criminal record and you’re denied entry by the immigration officer based on their judgment, which means you can only gain entry once your conviction is purged from your record.

7. Australia

Visiting Australia is quite easy for American citizens, though they must apply for an electronic visa. To get the visa, a person must pass a character evaluation, meaning the person has to have a clean criminal history, no convictions, and no relation with any individual with a criminal conviction. Those with a tainted record of crime can be permanently banned from entering Australia. If you have been previously convicted of a DUI offense, it is recommended to seek a travel waiver.

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