DUI In Houston: How It Can Destroy Your Occupation? Pt 2

DUI Charges Dropped in Houston

9 Ways A Houston DUI Can Wreck Your Career

Part 2

5. Professional License Revocation

Many occupations require workers to obtain licenses to be qualified for their jobs. Architects, nurses, accountants, doctors, and lawyers, to name a few, are among those who fall into this category. If you are convicted of a crime, one of the conditions of holding the license is that you must promptly notify your employer, and some organizations will even cancel your license. Again, you may lose your job and find it hard to find another one as a result of this.

6. Work Absentia

Let’s assume you get lucky and your employer decides to retain you after a conviction. In the best-case scenario, they go completely unaware of the incident. You would be happy, only to find that you are obligated to attend court appearances and miss work. You may also be asked to enroll in a substance abuse treatment program, which will cause you to miss even more work. Absenteeism from work for such a long period might produce complications, and you may be fired as a result.

7. Difficulty In Applying For Jobs In The Future

After being fired, you may need to find new employment opportunities. No matter how qualified you are, a DUI conviction is a reflection of irresponsibility and carelessness. It could therefore lead to issues.

Even if you don’t have recorded convictions or arrests, the potential employer may be able to find out from public records or your driver’s license record, or by asking you why you left your prior employment. Worse yet, you may need referrals from your previous employer who would be unwilling to recommend you for your illicit behavior.

8. Difficulty In Obtaining A Formal Education

Certain colleges and universities will not accept you if you have been convicted or arrested for a DUI, just as possible companies will not hire you if you have been convicted or arrested for a DUI. Financial aid applications may be turned down for the same reason. Although some colleges will accept you after showing that you have completed a treatment program, some colleges will still decline your application.

9. The Stakes Are Higher For Commercial Drivers

DUI convictions are so serious that they could last for 55 years on a commercial driver’s license. If you need to drive for your job, you may just need to look for a new one.

Wind Up: Do Not Drink & Drive

Being arrested or convicted of a DUI can have a variety of implications, one of which is the loss of employment. It’s a serious matter, and it’s something that everyone should consider before getting behind the wheel after a few drinks.

If you have been charged with a DUI, we may be able to represent you in court, reduce your sentence, and even help you maintain your job. Contact us or call us today and offer yourself a chance to get your career and life back on track! Visit our blog for more related articles. Click here for the first article in this series.