DWI Charge In Houston: Why You Should Avoid It?

3 Significant Ways That Having Houston DWI Can Impact Your Everyday Life

DUI Charges Dropped in HoustonThere is no doubt that you likely regret that dangerous decision you made to drive while intoxicated. Now you find yourself with charges that may mean you lose your license or even have to spend time in jail, however, they are not your only concerns. Having a DWI can have long-lasting consequences that certainly outlive your court date.

Getting a DWI means that you face administrative penalties but you also face social penalties. Even when your court date has long come and gone there are ways that a DWI can affect your everyday life. Here are three to consider.

1. Searching For & Getting A Job Can Be More Challenging

A lot of employers will hesitate to hire someone who has a ‘black mark’ so to speak on their background check. When a potential employee shows up as having a DWI this can give the impression that they lack responsibility. If driving is part of the job the company could certainly view their actions as irresponsible if they hire someone who had driven while under the influence.

If you are already in a job, being arrested and perhaps convicted may affect your work. You may need to take time off for your court date and losing your vehicle may make your commute more challenging. Your job may even be at risk if you are convicted.

2. Your Relationships Can Take The Brunt

Having a DWI can affect your social life for the worse. Friends and family may develop a negative view of you due to your poor decision, and people you work with, as well as your employer, could view you in a very different light. Many people are unaware that a DWI can easily become public knowledge as it is allowable for it to be published in the media.

3. You Will Pay A Lot More For Vehicle Insurance

You are more than likely going to face a significant rise in your insurance rates if you have a DWI. As well as this, you are considered a high-risk driver which may make getting insurance close to possible. If you do get an offer of insurance expect it to be at least double if not triple your previous policy amount.

These are just a sample of the ways that having a DWI can impact your life. The best way to move forward is to avoid getting a conviction. An attorney can help you to fight the charges against you so that the impact on your life is as mild as possible.

For Help Hire Atty. Jim Butler

Jim Butler has 24 years of experience as a licensed attorney. He has assisted clients in avoiding jail time in instances where they faced job loss where both they and their families would have faced financial and mental damage. Jim’s current cases are 100% DWI. He uses all of his time on these cases. Jim in no way endorses drunk driving, however, he feels that a lot of innocent individuals are ‘needlessly arrested’, this being one of the main reasons that he has taken on the role of DUI lawyer.

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