What Is DUI & Its Consequences In Houston Pt 1

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A Deeper Understanding Of Houston DUI

Part 1

Can a DUI ruin your life?

Driving under the influence of alcohol is a criminal offense, but many people commit this mistake without knowing its potential consequences. Consuming alcohol is something you can associate with adults, and driving after having a few beers may happen more often than not. But for many people who get arrested for the first time due to a DUI offense, the experience is quite overwhelming. The first thing they do is panic and think that they would spend a long time in prison. That brings the most common and biggest question in the mind of first-time offenders whether a DUI case will ruin their lives or not. Fortunately, it won’t. A case for drinking under the influence of alcohol won’t ruin your life.

The best thing for anyone to do in such a situation is to hire an experienced DUI lawyer if they get arrested for a DUI case. This would help them tackle the laws against this crime efficiently and go on with their lives as before. In addition, the DUI lawyer will work together with you to develop a defense strategy and help drop the charges against you or even win the case on your behalf. Winning the case or dropping the charges are two of the most favorable results as they allow you to continue with your life without any severe consequences for the crime. However, DUI with reckless driving may result in some punishment, but the lawyer tries his best to reach a plea deal that significantly reduces the charges against you. Therefore, instead of taking matters into your own hands, you should hire a DUI lawyer for the best possible result of the case.

What is the punishment for a first-time DUI offense?

In most cases, offenders get away with a misdemeanor charge if it’s their first time with a DUI case. But severe punishments await if the DUI charge involves a felony. Suppose you were driving after drinking alcohol, but you also have a child in your car. Or maybe you committed an accident after driving under the influence of alcohol and hurt or killed someone. These are cases for which you may expect severe charges, which won’t be the same as driving after having a few beers. Here are a few ways that a first-time DUI offense can affect you.

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