DWI Case In Houston: What Can A DWI Attorney Do? Pt 3

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What Help You Can Get From Houston DWI Lawyer

Part 3

3. A DWI Lawyer Has Many Ways To Save Driver’s License From Suspension

Any DWI or DUI charge will result in both a criminal court case as well as an Administrative License Review hearing at the DMV. Once you have been arrested for a DUI or DWI offense, you have 10 days on average to fight the license suspension at the scheduled DMV hearing. If not, your license will get suspended automatically. If you miss the license review hearing or lose there, the DMV will suspend your license without any hesitation. That is where you need an experienced DUI or DWI lawyer to appear at the DMV hearing and save your license.

The right DUI or DWI lawyer should have relevant experience and legal skills in challenging suspensions at numerous DMV hearings. The lawyer’s experience is crucial to your chances of saving your driver’s license and preventing it from getting suspended at the first DMV hearing.

4. Getting An Attorney For DUI/DWI Can Lead To a Case Dismissal

When you hire an attorney who can fight your DWI/DUI case all the way by taking the case to trial, you can easily win a dismissal when the case goes to trial. A dismissal or acquittal is when the judge decides that the victim is not guilty of the offense. If you still wonder if you need a lawyer to fight your case, you should remember that only an experienced attorney knows how to fight a DUI or DWI case in trial or when taking it to trial.

An expert lawyer will first review all arrest information and case evidence. He or she will let you know the best chances of success and possible plea deal negotiations to work for a better outcome. In reality, you should always hire the best lawyer to handle your DUI or DWI case since the odds of dismissal are high when an experienced lawyer uses legal arguments to prove that BAC or drug test evidence is flawed.

Do I Actually Need A DWI Lawyer?

If you decide to plead guilty and are convicted of a first DUI/DWI offense, you technically don’t need an attorney to enter a guilty plea. But you should get a lawyer’s advice before making such a permanent decision with long-lasting consequences.

Many individuals don’t understand the seriousness of pleading guilty to a DUI offense. It is a criminal conviction that could negatively affect your future when you go for job interviews, etc. Make sure to explore affordable defense options before you plead guilty to a DUI or DWI offense.

At times, the accused may have an explanation as to why he or she was under the influence of alcohol, prescribed medications, or illegal drugs at the time of the arrest. A good lawyer can help you under such circumstances. For example, after a serious motor accident, a driver may exhibit similar symptoms they might have exhibited if they were under the influence of alcohol or intoxicated.

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