Knowing The Habits That The Drivers Must Have In Houston

10 Habits Of A Good Houston Driver

There is more to being a good driver than simply knowing how to drive. You need to be careful while on the road to be termed as a good driver. Some habits including texting and driving, driving while drunk, forgetting to have your seatbelt on, or failure to check your blind spot can get even the most experienced driver in a serious accident/incident. That said, you need to be careful while driving to not only avoid damage to your car but also ensure you and other road users are safe as well. Here are some of the habits of a good driver.

1. Avoid Using The Phone

Many drivers today have developed a habit of taking calls and even texting while driving. Distracted driving is one of the leading causes of accidents today. A good driver will always keep his/her phone away while driving. Consider parking by the roadside if you have to make a call or even text. This could save your life and that of other road users as well.

2. Don’t Overspeed

Driving past the set speed limit will not only earn you a costly ticket but can also lead to a fatal accident. Speed limits are there for a reason. For this reason, a good driver will always stick to the set speed limit regardless of the time of the day. Many motorists have lost their lives from simply ignoring the limit and particularly during the holiday period.

3. Keep A Safe Distance

It’s always a good idea to keep a safe distance between you and the car in front. Experts recommend maintaining a 2-3 second gap to avoid hitting the other vehicle in case it comes to an unexpected stop. Keeping a safe distance will protect you from this among many other incidences on the road.

4. Keep Headlights On Where Applicable

As a rule of thumb, it is always advisable to turn on your headlights if it starts getting dark, and whenever visibility is poor. This includes when it rains, at dust, and dawn. You should also keep the headlights on if unable to see more than 150 meters ahead.

5. Always Check Tire Pressure, Oil, & Water

Tire pressure, water level, and oil level play a crucial role not only to the vehicle’s performance but your wellbeing while on the road. A good driver will check to ensure all these are at the recommended levels before embarking on a long journey. It won’t hurt having these checked whenever you drive into a petrol station.

DUI Guide Arrest in Houston6. Don’t Drink & Drive

Never get behind the wheel when intoxicated. Drunken driving impairs your judgment on the road thus putting both you and other road users at risk. You also risk getting arrested and spending the weekend in jail for drink-driving. Some of the best drivers will not drive even when on prescription drugs that seem to impair their judgment.

7. Don’t Drive When Tired

You need to be awake and alert all the time while driving. If too tired to drive, consider getting some rest before going on with the journey. This could save your life in the long run.

8. Keep The Music Down

Listening to music in your car’s sound system can be refreshing and especially if at reasonable levels. Blasting the speakers will however make you reluctant, less attentive, and even make it hard to be aware of your surroundings on the road.

9. Wear Your Seatbelt

Always wear your seatbelt first thing when you get in the car, and before starting the engine. Buckling up helps keep you protected while in motion. It can make the difference between getting hurt or walking out of an accident unscathed. It is also against the law to drive with no seatbelts on.

10. Checking Blind Spots & Using Indicators

Always check before changing lanes or making a U-turn. Blind spots can be a pain when driving in tricky areas. You can, however, use the side mirrors and rearview mirrors to cover most of the blind spots. You should also use indicators to let other road users know of your intention or next move.

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