Alcoholic Drinks In Houston: Are All Unhealthy?

The 6 Healthiest Alcohols For Your Consumption In Houston

Typically, a person who is “fond of the drink” is considered a person of poor health, but perhaps this assumption is all wrong. While there is certainly an unhealthy extent, drinking alcohol doesn’t have to be unhealthy in itself.

Many times when people are looking to improve their health or cut back on the excess weight they will consider drinking less, which is good. In the following overview, we will provide an overview of some of the healthiest choices in alcohol that can form a part of your plans for better health.

Butler Law Firm | Top Rated DWI DUI Attorney | Best Houston Civil Desfense LawyerHere are some important facts about alcohol consumption:

  • Drinking alcohol, even regularly doesn’t have to be unhealthy.
  • Some kinds of alcohol can actually have surprising health benefits

From fine Champagne to Mellow Whiskey, here are some great choices for a drink to your health.

1. Tequila

Tequila is not only lower in calories compared to Vodka, but also contains a variety of healthy constituents. Agavins are a natural sugar in tequila that is non-digestible, which means they work like fiber and will not increase blood sugar levels. Tequila has also been observed to lower the levels of cholesterol in the blood and can contribute to weight loss efforts. Yes, you read that right, coupled with a plan for healthy eating and regular exercise –– TEQUILA HELPS YOU LOSE WEIGHT!

#SpoonTip: The classic serving size is a single ounce shot.

2. Red Wine

Wines will all turn to sugars eventually, which is not best for the health. But, Red Wine provides significant health benefits from its healthy ingredients. Red wine contains polyphenols, quercetin, and resveratrol which are especially good for heart health. It has been found that resveratrol keeps glucose from entering the bloodstream which can keep insulin from spiking.
#SpoonTip: The standard serving size for a glass of red wine is 5 oz.

2. Rum

Rum is not the most popular of alcoholic beverages, but if people knew about its impressive health benefits, it would be. Rum is made from molasses and other byproducts of the sugarcane plant. Rum has been known to ward off scurvy, which is why grog was the drink of choice for hardy-seamen of the 16th and 17th centuries. In small amounts, rum can help control anxiety.

#SpoonTip: A standard serving size for rum is 1.5 oz.

4. Whiskey

One standard serving of whiskey contains as many antioxidants as red wine and that’s a lot. So maybe a tumbler of Scotch Neat should be your next choice for “preventing colds and fighting cases of flu”. If it’s for medicinal reasons the boss won’t mind, right? Whiskey contains ellagic acid which is one of the most potent antioxidants for controlling the activities of free radicals

5. Rosé

Rosé has better purposes than just a relaxing evening drink among friends. Much like red wine, it contains a powerful polyphenol that helps to protect the heart from the effects of atherosclerosis.

6. Champagne

Some drink to forget, but if you are the type who drinks to remember that champagne is the choice for you. The bubbly has been found to provide benefits to brain health and has also been known to enhance the conditions of the skin.

So, next time you are having a good time and enjoying a drink, keep things health by selecting one of the options from the list here and be sure to enjoy in moderation too. Have fun and remember never to drink and drive.

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