How A Houston DWI Attorney Will Work On Your Behalf Pt 1

Knowing How DWI Lawyers Can Help Lighten Your Sentence In Houston

Part 1

DUI Lawyer Role in HoustonDrinking and driving is never a good idea, but the fact is that it does occur. Too many people end up having just one more drink with dinner before driving home or indulging in a happy hour cocktail on a Friday afternoon. In other cases, you may have to get behind the wheel to attend to an emergency, even though you know there is alcohol in your system. No matter what precipitated the conduct, driving under the influence is always wrong. When a police stop occurs, the lesson is driven home even more strongly. That said, there is no need to accept excessive levels of punishment, particularly for a first offense. There will almost certainly be a consequence if you are convicted of this crime, but with the assistance of a skilled DWI lawyer, the sanctions may be mitigated.

How DWI Lawyers Help

A DWI attorney is someone who customarily handles drunk driving defense matters for those charged with this type of offense. They are highly familiar with the law in this realm and know what it takes to prevail. Lawyers have attended graduate school for several years and cleared substantial professional hurdles including the bar exam in their state, just so that they can practice law.

If you engage the services of a DWI attorney, they will work to oversee all facets of your case, from the initial arrest onward. Perhaps you already have an attorney with whom you are familiar, and if so, contact that individual immediately once you have been stopped for DWI. If you lack such contact, fear not. In most cases, you will be granted release from jail the day following your arrest, though you will almost surely have had to spend the night in police custody. If your record is relatively clean, you are almost certain to be released on a small bail amount. Then you can begin the process of finding the right DWI attorney for the next phases of your case.

After your arrest and release from custody, you will receive a court appearance date during which time you will appear in front of a judge. It is wise to have an attorney present for this event, as attempting to handle the situation on your own may result in a less desirable outcome including greater financial fines, lengthier incarceration, or harsher licensing sanctions.

It is not uncommon for a seasoned DWI lawyer to succeed in having drunk driving charges reduced, which in turn may result in lighter sentencing. In some cases, you may be able to retain your driving privileges, depending on the facts surrounding your arrest.

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