A Felony Or Not A Felony? Turning The Tables On Your Houston DWI

How A DWI Charge In The State Of Texas Turns Into A Felony

In the state of Texas if you are charged with driving while intoxicated (DWI) it is constituted as a misdemeanor crime on a majority of first- and second-time arrests. That is why most DWI charge in Texas are just misdemeanors since most people do not commit the offense more than one time. However, there are certain situations where a DWI charge may be escalated to being a felony crime. Upon conviction that will bring about serious consequences and more tenacity usually from the prosecution.

A felony charge can be triggered by a DWI in the state of Texas if the driver is charged with any of the following:

  • The third DWI offense on the person’s criminal record.
  • A DWI charge following an accident that caused serious bodily injury to someone (intoxication assault).
  • A DWI charge following an automobile accident that results in another person’s death (intoxication manslaughter).
  • A DWI charge when there is a passenger in the vehicle under 15 years old.

All felony DWI crimes in the state of Texas may include up to a $10,000 maximum fine. A majority of prison sentences for DWI felonies also include incarceration for at least two years but some charges might have sentences of up to 20 years. Felony DWI cases in Texas also all but guarantee license suspension and these suspensions can last from six months up to two years.

It is also notoriously much harder to get felony charges hidden or expunged from a criminal record. That can make it challenging to pursue certain educational opportunities, careers or even housing if there is any felony viewable in a person’s history.

How To Fight Back To Save Your Reputation And Good Name

If you have been charged with a felony DWI in the state of Texas, then you must be willing to challenge it like you would with a misdemeanor charge. Texas might try to act like there is no way to fight a felony charge or try to claim it has overwhelming evidence that can be used against you. However, you will know better with help from the Butler Law Firm.

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