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Allenhurst’s DWI Lawyer

Did you get a DWI? Are you feeling stressed not knowing exactly what is going to happen now? We can help you alleviate some of your stress.

Jim Butler has been a licensed attorney for 24 years. Jim Butler helps his clients get out of jail time where they could have lost their jobs, causing themselves, and their families to suffer both financially and mentally. Jim’s cases currently consist of 100% DWI (driving while intoxicated). He currently devotes all of his time to these types of cases.  Jim does not endorse drunk driving, but he also believes that many innocent people are “needlessly arrested”, and is a major reason as to why he became a DUI lawyer.

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“Many people don’t realize that it’s perfectly legal for an adult in Allenhurst to drink alcohol and drive—as long as that adult maintains his or her mental and physical faculties. And the problem with most field sobriety tests is that they don’t give you the whole picture—if a person is nervous or tired, or even if they have a medical condition, they might ‘fail’ a test, even if they’re not intoxicated,” he says.

Anyone who receives a DWI offense, which stands for Driving While Intoxicated, should be aware of the seriousness of the charge. The offender should seek out an Allenhurst attorney that limits themselves to only DWI defense. If found guilty, the offense of a DWI can lead to very serious consequences.

These consequences can include the suspension or revocation of your driver’s license, family fall-out, termination of employment, and even incarceration. For those facing a DWI, Jim Butler of The Butler Law Firm has been licensed for 24 years. You can call or email us today. Being arrested for the crime of DWI is only the beginning of a long process. Being charged with the crime does not determine its final outcome. The law is a matter of technical issues and conviction, fines, loss of license, and incarceration, and none of which are ever automatic. To have the best chance of a positive outcome it is necessary to get an experienced attorney to help you properly navigate your way through the legal process and protect your rights.

The Butler Law Firm has the experience needed to make sure those charged with the criminal offense of DWI, or DUI have the best chance of a successful outcome and that through the process of law, all of their rights are protected. You should contact Mr. Butler immediately for a free consultation to discuss the details of your case.

He has the experience to help you, so don’t delay, call today.

Do You Have Any Questions About DWI?

Most think that it’s necessary to register a blood alcohol level of .08 to be charged with DWI. Many find it shocking that this is not always the case.

If the police officer can demonstrate the driver is experiencing impaired driving ability through observation, it may be enough to charge the driver. Some examples are:

It is possible to lose your driving privileges for 90 days and up to 2 years. For those who hold a commercial driver’s license, any refusal or failure to take a breath test could mean your commercial driving status is revoked for a period of 1 year. In this situation, the officer making the arrest can take your license and issue you a special temporary permit that comes with a notice of suspension. Should this happen, it is necessary to request a hearing on the matter within fifteen days or it results in automatic suspension 40 days following the arrest.

This only represents a couple of the steps in the process of law regarding the matter. As you can see, without the help of an experienced attorney, it is highly likely you will not know how to proceed in the most effective way to get the results you hope for. At Butler Law office, Mr. Butler is an experienced attorney in Allenhurst that understands the complexities of the criminal charge of DWI. Mr. Butler’s law firm has defended hundreds of people charged with this crime. His firm will take you through the process step by step and keep you well informed along the way. His office will serve as a counselor to help you understand the process along its sometimes long and upsetting path. As well, this firm will make sure your rights are fully protected.

This could greatly affect your life, the life of your family and that of work. Additional cost might include public transportation for going to work, going out for errands, shopping, and other family activities. The suspension of your license will begin 40 days after the charge was made if you do nothing. Mr. Butler’s Allenhurst-based firm has 24 years of legal experience and can help get you the best possible outcome for your circumstances.

Butler Law will ensure that procedures were followed to the strictest letter of the law and any evidence collected was processed as required by law. Butler’s Allenhurst-based law firm will fully review the case with the District Attorney’s office to see what options are available in the case.

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Mr. Butler is the owner of this Allenhurst-based criminal law office. Mr. Butler will do everything possible under the law to resolve the issue in the best possible way for his client. Contact them immediately for a free consultation.

The Butler Law Firm | Best DWI Lawyer In Allenhurst, TX

Our Main Priority as the Butler Law Firm is defending your Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) charges.

We are a 100% focused Driving While Intoxicated Law Firm that caters to all your DWI cases.

Best DWI Lawyer

Have you been charged with a DWI or DUI? Are you wondering what to do about the case? Look no further; we are here to manage your case.

Licensed for over 24 years as an attorney, Jim Butler has helped the majority of people get released from lockup. A situation that could otherwise cause them to lose their jobs, consequently causing them and their households to suffer financially, also mentally. Currently, Jim deals with DWI charges and is entirely devoted to cases that are 100% related to DWI. Though Jim disapproves of people who drive while drunk, he believes most of them get arrested blamelessly then charged with either DUI or DWI, this is the main reason he chose to become a lawyer, handling DUI and DWI cases.

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Anyone charged with a DWI or DUI offense should realize how serious the charge is. As an offender, you should pursue an attorney within Allenhurst who mainly handles DWI charges. If guilty of the charges, rest assured of severe consequences

Consequences that come about after being found guilty include incarceration, family feuds, employment termination, and revocation or suspension of your driving license. Call us or send an email today and receive help from Jim Butler, an experienced lawyer for over two decades,  Mr.Butler from The Butler Law Firm is ready to oversee your case. While being arrested is just but the start of a lengthy process, receiving a charge does not define the outcome. Convictions, losing a license, incarceration, and fines are technical issues in law, are not automatic. For an assured favorable process, it is essential to work with an attorney who is well experienced and will, without doubt, guide you through the process and help protect all your rights

Our association, The Butler Law Firm, works only with competent lawyers with an acceptable degree of experience who never fail to ensure a successful end for those arrested with a DUI or DWI offense. Throughout this legal process, we will work to protect your rights. To discuss further details concerning your case, get in touch immediately with Jim Butler.

Call Mr. Butler today and receive helpful professional service.

A Driving While Intoxicated charge can bring about adverse effects to you, your work, and your family. Other costs will add up like running errands, transport to and from work, family activities, and shopping. Concerning your license, if in any case, you fail to take action within 40 days following the charge its suspension will start.

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If you are charged with DWI/DUI, you need a DWI attorney whose law practice is solely DWI Defense. It’s all we do. DWI cases are highly complex and involve issues of law and science that many lawyers aren’t familiar with.

At The Butler Law Firm, we routinely challenge Breath and Blood tests. We will work hard to see that our clients receive justice – from fighting to save your Allenhurst driver’s license, to fighting for an acquittal or a dismissal of your charges – The Butler Law Firm has your best interest at heart.  Along with being a Fort Bend DWI lawyer, The Butler Law Firm caters to all of Allenhurst and the greater surrounding areas!  let Jim give you a free consultation!  You will be more than happy you did!

‘This law firm dedicates its sole time and energy to focus on DWI cases, and helping people like you and me get our lives back. With years of experience focused on this particular branch of law, I can honestly say Jim and Kristen are the only people to call when you get in unfortunate trouble.’

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