Our Houston DWI Attorney Helps You Plan For A Sober Evening

Our Tips For Surviving A Sober Night At the Bar

Sitting sober at the bar sounds like a drag, but the reality is you can still have a good time there without drinking. The next morning, when you wake up refreshed and fully cognizant of the night before, you might even argue that you had a better time than everyone else. Arm yourself with a good social strategy, and you too can have fun with the occasion.

Know Your Boundaries

If the bar scene stresses you out, for whatever reason, it’s okay to turn down the invitation or leave early. If you are in the early stages of recovery, for example, the scents and sounds of a pub could trigger temptation, and no occasion is worth risking your sobriety. Make plans instead to meet up in sober places, like coffee shops.

Dress the Part

You don’t need to put on your highest heels but resist the urge to throw on your oldest hoodie. Trying to mingle in a bar without any alcohol-induced courage can make you feel self-conscious. Look your best to shore up your confidence, which will brighten your mood, too.

Choose Your Beverage Wisely

Social unease heightens the impulse to sip nonstop from your straw. With sweetened carbonated drinks, like colas, you could bloat up on a sugar high before the night even gets started. Try a club soda or alternate water with mocktails. Not only will you feel more refreshed with a lighter amount of drinks, but you will also be able to communicate to others that you already have a beverage.

Brace for Social Impact

Most people will not notice or care that you are not drinking, but some people will ask or hound you rudely about your abstinence. “C’mon, you can have one drink. It won’t kill you to have a little fun.” Prepare yourself for these scenarios. The best defense is to say politely, “No thanks, I’m not drinking tonight,” and repeat as much as necessary. If you make clear that your beverage choices are not up for debate, people will tire of asking. Just remember to show the same respect to others by not questioning their drinking habits.

Keep a Mental List of Conversation Topics

Inebriated people tend to repeat themselves, a lot. As the night goes on, you may grow tired of hearing the same stories and their extended versions. So, mix it up with a few questions and anecdotes of your own.

Remember Your Reason For Going

Are you catching up with former classmates? Watching a UFC event? Maybe it’s the best wing night in town. Whatever the occasion, focus on your real intention for being at the bar. If this is your best friend’s birthday, show her a good time. Play her favorite songs on the jukebox. Spin her around on the dance floor. Buy her a basket of fries at the end of the night, and, most importantly, make sure she has a safe ride home. Just celebrate the occasion. It will help distract you from all the reasons you would rather be home alone watching reruns.

Try From A New Perspective

Having a good time is all about your mindset. Remember you’re not there to drink; you’re there to laugh with your friends, listen to music, and let yourself relax. With the right crowd, your inhibitions may lower themselves. If you have a new dance move or celebrity impersonation to try out, now is your chance. You can worry less about looking foolish once everyone else has let loose. Goof off like no one is judging, because chances are you will blend right in with the crowd.

Volunteer to be the Designated Driver

When you offer to drive, you help prevent a potentially dangerous situation. Plus, it gives you a mission for the rest of the night, and no one will pester you to drink when you’re on the safe ride home. You might even make a couple of bucks in gas money. One exception to this tip is if you are in recovery, as you may need to leave early to protect your sobriety. In that case, create an escape route instead.

Sometimes, drinking and driving can possibly get you in serious trouble. Potentially landing you a license suspension or a DWI in Texas and have you needing to hire an experienced DWI lawyer in Houston.

The need to stay sober will not hurt your social life. If anything, self-restraint will show you how strong you are and may even help sharpen your communication skills. Don’t fret when you need to abstain from your health or for early morning meetings. Instead, take the opportunity to socialize in a style your future self will applaud.

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